comScore Bernie Sanders Says Trump Will Cause ‘Thousands’ to Die, Will Use Coronavirus Relief Money to Help Reelection

Bernie Sanders Says Trump Will Cause ‘Thousands’ to Die, Will Use Coronavirus Relief Money to Help Reelection


Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told Bill Maher that President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic will cause thousands of American deaths, and predicted Trump will leverage federal aid to benefit his own reelection chances in battleground states.

HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher returned Friday night with an episode that was shot in the host’s back yard, but featured a taped remote interview between host Bill Maher and Senator Sanders.

The coronavirus pandemic was a top subject of the interview, and Sanders ripped Trump for the weeks he spent downplaying the crisis.

“His actions or inactions, in not listening to the scientists, spouting off ridiculous ideas, is going to cost the lives of many thousands of America,” Sanders said.

Maher accused Trump of playing favorites with federal help, and said “To me, this is even more of an impeachable offense than what he did with Ukraine or Russia.”

“How do you stop a president who is blatantly not the president of every state equally?” he asked Sanders, and added “How do you stop a president who sends aid to Florida, for example, because he likes the governor there, but not here to California or Illinois or Massachusetts?”

Sanders delivered a lengthy response in which he predicted Trump will use federal dollars to help his own campaign:

Congress has got to step up to the plate and step up big time. And I will tell you what else concerns me. The worst part of this $2 trillion stimulus package that was passed last week, and I voted for it. But the worst part of it was, $500 billion going to the president to allocate to corporate America, with nowhere near the kind of strings attached and accountability that should have been required. And now, he is saying, hey, I don’t really care about accountability at all. I’ll do what I want. And to pick up on your point, if you think that during a campaign, you’re not going to see a lot of money from the Trump administration going to battleground states, to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, you would be grossly underestimating the venality of this president.

Watch the full interview above via HBO.

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