Bill Maher

Fox & Friends Credits Bill Maher for Comments About Fox News: Speaking Truth to Democrats

Bill Maher Bashes Democrats for Not Going on Fox News: ‘How Very Trump of You’

Bill Maher: There’s a ‘Real Liberal Face’ on College Admissions Scandal, This Is Why People Voted for Trump

Bill Maher: Dem Squabbling Over Ilhan Omar Was About Identity Politics

Bill Maher: Just Like Trump, Michael Jackson Could’ve Shot Someone on Fifth Avenue and Fans Wouldn’t Leave Him

Bill Maher Goes Off on ‘Social Justice Warriors’: They Just ‘Want to B*tch’

Bill Maher Confronts Matt Schlapp Over Trump With a List of ‘If Obama Did It…’

Hannity Invites Adam Schiff on His Show After Maher Says He Should Go on Fox More: ‘Bill, Thank You’

The Five Slams ‘Out of Touch’ Bill Maher for Comments About Red States: ‘High Snob-iety’

Bill Maher: Jussie Smollett Case Shows Victims Should Be Taken Seriously, But Should ‘Not Always Be Believed’

Maher to Amazon: ‘Stop Playing Cities Off Against One Another and Help a Dying One Come Back to Life’

Maher and Panel Rip Trump Over Response to Arrested Coast Guard Lt.: He Has ‘Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder’

Bill Maher Tells Adam Schiff to Go on Fox News More: ‘Get in the Bubble’

Maher Rips Dems for ‘Swiping Left’ on Good Candidates: ‘Let’s Not Eat Our Own’

Bill Maher on Ilhan Omar’s Tweets: ‘I Don’t Know Why This Has to Be Seen as Anti-Semitic’

CNN Analyst Joshua Green Says ‘No Value’ in Briefings: Sarah Sanders Will Just ‘Get Out and Lie to Journalists’

Dan Savage Trashes Trump Supporters to Maher: ‘Racist White Dumb-F*cks’

Bill Maher Goes Off on Comic Book Culture. . . Again: ‘You Need to Grow Up’

Bill Maher to Ann Coulter: So ‘What Was Your First Clue’ Trump’s a ‘Lying Con Man?’

Maher Clashes With Panel Over Sexual Harassment in Sanders Campaign: ‘Is It Worth Destroying Bernie Sanders Over?’

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