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Bill Maher: Stop ‘Busting Balls’ Over Old Movies and TV Shows Because They’re Not Woke Enough

Bill Maher: If He Was President in 1938, Trump Would’ve Called Hitler and Mussolini ‘Strong Leaders’

Maher on Syria Strikes: Trump Could Be ‘Mixing It Up with Russia’ So People Think ‘No Collusion’

Bill Maher Comes to Laura Ingraham’s Defense Amid Ad Boycott: ‘Is That American?’

Bill Maher, Geraldo Rivera Battle Over Fox News: You Used to Fight The Spin, ‘Now You Are The Spin!’

Maher Slams Dana Loesch, Breitbart, and Bannon as ‘Showbiz Rejects’ for Their Hatred of Hollywood

Bill Maher Calls Fox News’ Influence on Trump ‘Scary’: The Country’s Being Run by Steve Doocy!

Bill Maher Slams Dems For Not ‘Having Balls’: They’re ‘to Political Courage What Velveeta is to Cheese’

Bill Maher Suggests a Rewrite to the 2nd Amendment

Bill Maher Defends Bari Weiss: We Both Get Attacked by ‘Fringe on the Left’

Kathy Griffin Thanks Bill Maher for Being One of the ‘Only People’ Who Publicly Supported Her

Maher: Liberals Should Stop ‘Reflexively Hating on’ Trump-Kim Jong Un Meeting

Parkland Student Responds to People ‘Trying to Take Us Down’ on Maher: ‘How Dare You’

Bill Maher: Why Can’t Democrats ‘Make Treason a Campaign Issue?’

Bill Maher Mocks Trump’s ‘Illiteracy’: ‘If You Can’t Read, You Can’t Be President’

Bill Maher Goes Off on ‘F*cking Fragile’ Millennials in #MeToo Movement

Bill Maher Updates His Trump ‘Dictator Checklist’ After News of Military Parade

Maher: Trump Supporters Should Admit They ‘Got Conned’ About The Wall

Donna Brazile to Bill Maher on the Memo: ‘This Is All Bullsh*t’

Bill Maher Sides With Trump on Jerusalem: ‘I Hate to Agree’ With Him, But…

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