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Bill Maher Defends Alex Jones: ‘If You’re a Liberal, You’re Supposed To Be For Free Speech’

Preet Bharara Pushes Back When Maher Calls Trump a ‘Traitor’: We Shouldn’t Overstate What Others Do

Bill Maher Ridicules QAnon Conspiracy Theorists: ‘I Am Q’

Ex-GOPer Steve Schmidt Blasts Trump Supporters: ‘35% of This Country Has Checked Out’ and ‘Joined a Cult’

Maher Hits Fox News Amid Trump’s War With Media: They’re So Far Up His Ass, ‘They’re the Enema of the People’

Bill Maher Insults Trump’s Manhood: Doesn’t Everything About Him ‘Scream Microdick?’

Jennifer Rubin Calls For LL Bean/Alaska Cruises Boycotts to Stop Collins/Murkowski From Confirming SCOTUS Pick

Ben Shapiro Battles Maher Over The Russia Probe: Trump Couldn’t Even ‘Collude With His Own Left Foot’

Michael Moore: I Will ‘Surround The U.S. Capitol’ With ‘a Million Other People’ to Stop Trump’s SCOTUS Confirmation

Ben Shapiro Debates Maher on Incivility: It’s a Problem on The Left Too, ‘I Needed 600 Officers at Berkeley!’

Hey Bill Maher: This Liberal Also Slammed Your Rooting For a Recession

Maher Calls Out ‘Billionaire Liberals’ Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg Who Don’t Contribute to Campaigns: ‘Cheap F**ks’

Maher Doubles Down On Call For a Recession To Get Rid of Trump: Recessions Are Survivable, Trump is Not

Maher Calls For #MeToo Movement of Police: If Most Cops Are Good, Why So Many Videos Of Them Being Bad?

Maher Blasts ‘Smoking Gun-Type’ Text From IG Report: Strzok Was Just ‘Trying To Impress The Girl He Was F**king’

George Will Tells Maher GOP is Not a Trump Cult: It’s Not Worship, It’s ‘Fear’

Laura Ingraham: Half of the ‘Liberal Elites’ Would Be Okay With Nuclear War If It Means Trump Fails

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: It Only ‘Helps Trump’ When Celebs Like Maher Say ‘Let the Economy Fail’

Fox & Friends Slams Maher ‘Hoping’ for Recession: ‘That’s What Democrats Need in Order to Win?’

Maher Rips Liberals’ ‘Symbolic Victories’: ‘You Disappeared Roseanne’ But You ‘Shame Without Governing’

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