Bill Maher

Maher Clashes With Panel Over Sexual Harassment in Sanders Campaign: ‘Is It Worth Destroying Bernie Sanders Over?’

Bill Maher: Bar Is So Low We’re Cheering Republicans for Opposing White Supremacy

Bill Maher: People Mad at Me for Take on ‘Dumb F*cking’ Comic Book Culture Proved My Point

Bill Maher Tries to Connect Comic Book Culture to Rise of Trump in Post Following Stan Lee’s Death

Bill Maher’s New Rule for Bridging the Political Divide: ‘Shut the F*ck Up’

HBO’s Bill Maher: Trump’s Response to Every Tragedy is ‘How Can I Hurt?’

Bill Maher Updates Trump ‘Dictator Checklist’ Again Over Whitaker: Putting ‘Personal Protector’ at DOJ

Sarah Silverman: ‘I’m Very Lucky’ in the Era of Trump That I Don’t Have to Sew a Star on My Clothes

Bob Woodward: The Media Has Become ‘Lazy’ and ‘Emotionally Unhinged’ During Trump Presidency

Bill Maher: Trump Trying to Scare People About Caravan ‘Like a Racist Paul Revere’

Barbra Streisand Rips The Media For Their Constant Coverage of Trump

Maher Rips ‘Woke People’ Outraged at Halloween Costumes: Not Everything is Racist or Cultural Appropriation!

Maher Blasts The Media For ‘Stupid’ Caravan Coverage: ‘You’re Doing Trump’s Bidding!’

Maher: Trump Attacking the Media ‘Sounds Like He’s Not Condemning the Bomber’ But ‘Partnering With Him’

Hannity Renews Attack on Ben Sasse: Bill Maher Used a Racial Slur In Front of You, and You ‘Said NOTHING’

Bill Maher: Democrats Should Resist the Temptation to Go With a Celebrity Candidate in 2020

Maher Says Political Correctness is Why Dems ‘Lose’: We Forced Scott Kelly to Apologize For Quoting Churchill!

Omarosa Trashes ‘White House Ken & Barbie’ Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Maher: It’s ‘Scary’ That We Went From ‘Listen’ to Women Who Were Victimized to ‘Automatically Believe’

Ex-GOP Rep. David Jolly: ‘There is No Moderate Wing of the Republican Party’

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