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Maher Calls Out The ‘Hypocrisy’ of Israel Critics: ‘Where Would You Rather Live in The Middle East?’

NYT Columnist Bari Weiss: ‘The NRA Has Donald Trump Grabbed By The P***y’

Maher Compares Trump’s Orbit To The Mob: This Presidency Isn’t a Reality Show, It’s a ‘Scorsese Movie’

Maher Grills GOP Rep. on Recent John McCain Attacks: ‘This Doesn’t Bother You and Other Veterans?’

Bill Maher Rips ‘Idiots’ Slamming Amy Schumer’s New Film: ‘I Think We’ve Reached Peak Snowflake’

Bill Maher Says WH Press Briefings Should End: What’s the Point If All We Get Is ‘Bullsh*t’?

Bill Maher: Trump is ‘Restocking the Swamp’ and ‘Remaking It into His Own Deep State’

Bill Maher Makes Direct Appeal to ‘Dear Friend’ Roseanne on Her Support for Trump

Bill Maher: ‘Liars’ Like Trump Need to Start Facing Consequences for False Claims

Jordan Peterson Clashes w/ Maher Panel About Political Divide: ‘You Need To Have Respect’ For Trump Voters

Bill Maher: Democrats Should Run on Weed the Same Way Republicans Run on Guns

Maher on Trump-Hannity Relationship: Imagine If ‘Obama Was Talking to Rachel Maddow Every Day’

Maher to Michael Avenatti: Do You Worry Stormy Case Is ‘Taking a Lot of Energy Away from Real Issues’?

Bill Maher: Stop ‘Busting Balls’ Over Old Movies and TV Shows Because They’re Not Woke Enough

Bill Maher: If He Was President in 1938, Trump Would’ve Called Hitler and Mussolini ‘Strong Leaders’

Maher on Syria Strikes: Trump Could Be ‘Mixing It Up with Russia’ So People Think ‘No Collusion’

Bill Maher Comes to Laura Ingraham’s Defense Amid Ad Boycott: ‘Is That American?’

Bill Maher, Geraldo Rivera Battle Over Fox News: You Used to Fight The Spin, ‘Now You Are The Spin!’

Maher Slams Dana Loesch, Breitbart, and Bannon as ‘Showbiz Rejects’ for Their Hatred of Hollywood

Bill Maher Calls Fox News’ Influence on Trump ‘Scary’: The Country’s Being Run by Steve Doocy!

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