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Bill Maher Says #MeToo Is Descending Into #MeCarthyism

Page Six Publishes ‘Ridic’ Exclusive Alleging Al Franken Groped Arianna Huffington

Chelsea Handler on Juanita Broaddrick: ‘Every Victim Deserves To Be Heard’

Bill Maher: What Franken Did Was Gross, But He Shouldn’t Be ‘Lumped In’ with Moore, Spacey, Trump

Bill Maher: Liberals ‘Arrest Our Alleged Rapists’ But Conservatives ‘Elect Them’

Maher Says Democrats Are ‘Blowing It’ on Terrorism, Islam: ‘Liberals Are Defending Illiberal Tactics’

Bill Maher to Jeffrey Lord: ‘Purity Police Nonsense’ That Got You Fired Has to Stop

Maher Gets Immediate Pushback for Saying Married Men Harass Women Due to ‘Sh*tty Sex Lives’

Bill Maher Goes Off on ‘State TV’ Fox News: ‘The Typical Fox Viewer Is Now President’

Bill Maher: If Russia is Going to Keep Attacking America, Then We ‘Should Fight Back’

Maher: John Kelly Was Supposed to Rein in Trump, ‘But Now He Acts Like Trump’

Bill Maher Slams Democrats For Over-Regulating: ‘People Want to Drain The Swamp, Not Ban Big Gulps’

Watch Russell Brand Go on a Fascinating Rant About Drugs and Addiction

Steve Schmidt: ‘It Is Harder to Buy Cough Medicine Than It Is to Buy an AK-47’

Bill Maher: Trump Gets Along With ‘Chuck and Nancy’ Because He’s a City Mouse, Not a ‘Hick’

Bill Maher: Now That White Supremacists ‘Are the Federal Government,’ We’re the Rebels Now!

‘Oh F*ck’: Bill Maher Clashes With Panel Over What Dems Should Do About Menendez If Convicted

Bret Stephens to Maher: Liberals Have a ‘Cultural Condescension’ Problem… Like on Your Show

S.E. Cupp Accuses Maher of Emboldening ‘Blowhards Like Rush Limbaugh’ in Clash Over Climate Change

Bill Maher is Still Puzzled by the Hate for Hillary Clinton: ‘She’s a Bland Centrist!’

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