Bill O’Reilly And Ann Coulter Respond To Stephen Colbert’s Jesus Critique

Stephen Colbert slammed Bill O’Reilly last week over an O’Reilly column from earlier this month titled, “Keep Christ in Unemployment.” In it, O’Reilly warned of “a capacity problem for every noble intent.” Colbert fired back by mocking what he called the “complete factual inaccuracy.” Tonight, O’Reilly responded to “wise guy” Colbert…and brought along Ann Coulter to do it.

O’Reilly first said Colbert was wrong to say there was an “implication” in his column that Jesus said that “the Lord helps those who help themselves,” instead chiding Colbert for mocking the true author of that quote, Benjamin Franklin. Then, he attempted to refute Colbert’s position by citing a passage from Matthew in which three servants are given money, and two shepherd it responsibly, while one simply buries it. O’Reilly shares Jesus’ position on the fiscally irresponsible servant:

“Cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: were there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

O’Reilly urged Colbert to read the passage so that he might “understand the Judeo-Christian tenet of personal responsibility,” eventually adding that the government doesn’t “have the rights to seize anyone’s assets in pursuit of an impossible social nirvana.” Coulter then came out and agreed with this point while making blanket statements like, “Liberals think sending a check to the IRS constitutes charity,” as opposed to Republicans – especially Christians – who are “actually giving to poor people.” The generalizing was bad enough that O’Reilly at one point tried to bring her in line by saying, “You’re generalizing now.”

Eventually, the topic got back to Colbert, with O’Reilly saying Colbert “appropriated Jesus” to make their arguments (true, though of course, the same could be said for O’Reilly’s column, even though he framed it as a response to Rep. Jim McDermott). And while an extended back-and-forth between O’Reilly and Colbert could be a lot of fun for all involved (and would, hopefully, lead to each appearing on the other’s program), we could do without the “generalizing” rampant in this segment (largely on Coulter’s part). Video of the segment, via Fox News, below.

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