After Trump’s Repeated Boasts, Black Unemployment Spikes Up From Record Low

Wallace to Trump Economic Advisor: Why Should We Believe Jobs Numbers Trump Used to Dismiss?

Labor Department Numbers Indicate Unemployment Has Hit 7-Year-Low

Jeb Bush’s ‘Work Harder’ Comment Was No Gaffe; It Was the Truth

Unemployment Rate Dips to Lowest Level in 6 Years

You Know Who’s Not Thrilled About the New Jobs Report? Fox News

Detroit Factory Receives $175 Million Tax Break; Only Hires 15 People

February Jobs Report Better Than Expected: Economy Adds 175K Jobs Despite Hellish Weather

January Jobs Report: 113,000 Jobs Added, Unemployment at 6.6%

CBO Director to Congress: Obamacare Will Reduce Unemployment Rate

December Jobs Report: Unemployment Falls to 6.7% on Lower-Than-Expected 74,000 Jobs Added

Must Reads: Parties Clash Over Anti-Poverty Plans, Egypt’s Political Prisoner Problem, and More

Fox’s Ed Henry Asks Carney if Obama ‘Takes Responsibility’ For Long-Term Unemployment

Updated: Jay Carney Refutes CNN Reporter With CNN’s and Others’ Reporting

Rand Paul Responds to Obama, Peter King Taking Shots at Him on Unemployment, NSA

Watch: Mitch McConnell Tries to Trade Unemployment Extension for Attack on Obamacare Mandate

Obama Slams Rand Paul’s Comments About Extending Unemployment: ‘Sells the American People Short’

CNN: Dems, Obama ‘Bludgeon Republicans’ Over Issue They Balked at Addressing in Budget Deal

Obama Cites Plea of Jobless Woman: ‘I Challenge Any Lawmaker to Live Without an Income’

Senate Advances Extension of Unemployment Benefits

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