Bongino Holds Trainwreck Interview on Russia Probe While Hosting Fox & Friends: ‘You’re Making Stuff Up!’


Fox News contributor Dan Bongino guest hosted Fox & Friends on Monday, so it was inevitable that his conversation with Democratic strategist Jason Nichols on the Russia investigation would completely fall apart.

The conversation kicked off with President Donald Trump’s recent comments on accepting foreign dirt to use against political opponents, so Bongino didn’t waste any time diverting to the Hillary Clinton campaign hiring a law firm that funded the Christopher Steele dossier.

Right off the bat, its worth noting that the difference between the two — as explained by Politifact — is that one scenario involves a foreign government illegally hacking one party in order to swing an election to the other party, the other scenario involves a campaign hiring a private firm that contracted a former intelligence officer to compile opposition research, using Russian sources.

When Nichols tried to explain this to Bongino, the Fox commentator cut him off by saying “so Hillary Clinton did not hire Steele … That’s entirely inaccurate.” Bongino continued to accuse the Clinton campaign of laundering the money they paid to Steele through a law firm before asking, “If you pay a U.S. company to pay for foreigners for Russian information, it’s okay?”

When Nichols brought up Donald Trump Jr. and his infamous Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer, he also noted that the Steele dossier was not the catalyst for the FBI’s Russia-Trump counterintelligence investigation. The Justice Department has said in the past that the FBI’s probe started because of their concerns about George Papadopoulos.

“What you’re saying is entirely wrong and inaccurate,” Bongino interjected. Instead of refuting Nichols, however, he went off-topic by referring to a memo Steele sent to the State Department in which he said his sources were two Russians connected to Vladimir Putin.

The two continued to clash over Trump’s comments on telling the FBI about foreign dirt, with Bongino accusing Nichols of not answering his questions. Nichols lambasted Bongino for leading him into hypotheticals, to which Bongino responded, “I talk actual facts, you’re making stuff up.”

Watch above, via Fox News. (Fair warning: it’s extremely loud.)

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