Chris Hayes Shreds Trump Admin’s ‘1776 Report’: Looks Like ‘A Sophomore Year Term Paper’ by Stephen Miller


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ended his show Monday night teeing off on the “1776 report” released by the Trump administration that’s already received a great deal of blowback.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Hayes told viewers “if it is still unclear to you at this late date what position Trump and his administration have on the forces of white supremacy” they should look at this report.

“Today’s report from the White House reads like, oh, man, I don’t know, like a sophomore year term paper, maybe, by Stephen Miller,” Hayes added, noting how it uses images of Dr. King and others like Frederick Douglass to try and make its point.

In speaking with Fordham University associate professor Christina Greer, Hayes said this is “essentially a troll” and not really serious, because while “there’s real academic debate” on the 1619 Project, “this is not that.”

Greer agreed and told Hayes his “sophomore year paper” line perhaps too generous.

“Sophomore high school,” Hayes clarified.

Greer said, “I don’t understand how we can ever move forward as a nation if we don’t recognize the reality and brutality and the bloodthirsty nature of the white supremacy that this nation is predicated on and the anti-Black racism this nation is predicated on.”

Regarding the riots at the Capitol earlier this month, Greer added, “We’ve reached this point where we now have people storming the Capitol with the Confederate flag, with swastikas, essentially claiming it’s their nation because we’ve never had honest conversations.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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