Chris Matthews Flusters Kamala Harris With Super Awkward Virginity Metaphor

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews appeared to make Senator Kamala Harris visibly wince with an awkward metaphor that she declined to go with, but laughed off nonetheless.

During a discussion that followed Attorney General William Barr’s controversial testimony Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the subject of “executive privilege” came up, specifically regarding possible future testimony of former White House counsel Don McGahn, who is central to the allegation of President Donald Trump obstructing of justice.

After playing a clip from Barr’s testimony in which Sen. Dick Durbin questioned the AG about executive privilege, Matthews noted to his guest: “Once he testified before special counsel investigation, how can he now say I won’t make the same testimony in president claiming executive privilege.”

“It is sort of like virginity,” he added. “I understand that’s how executive privilege works. Once you give it up, you can’t grab it back.”

The look on Harris’s face sort of says it all, as she gracefully responded with, “I’m not going to go with you on that, Chris,” before adding “Dick Durbin did an excellent job of pointing out that there is no valid reason why his being the Attorney general should object to Don McGahn coming before the Congress and testifying.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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