CNN: Dayton Shooter’s Social Media Accounts Were Anti-Police, Contained ‘Extreme Left-Wing Posts’

As investigators continue to look into the motive behind the Dayton shooting, CNN has examined the perpetrator’s social media activity and found that he supported left-leaning politicians and posted several anti-police messages.

CNN correspondent Polo Sandoval broke this down for New Day on Tuesday by explaining that a deleted-Twitter account belonging to the shooter “contained extreme left-wing posts. It was anti-police, pro Antifa.” He also noted that the account’s bio line was “I’m going to Hell and I’m not coming back.”

Sandoval went on to note that police have investigated the shooter’s home and they haven’t seen any evidence yet that the Dayton shooting was politically or racially motived (unlike the El Paso shooting). This news comes after the shooter’s former acquaintances told the media that they were worried about his behavior and that he was suspended from high school once for keeping a “hit list” and “rape list.”

Watch above, via CNN

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