CNN Panel Erupts After Stephen Moore Claims A Lot of Federal Workers Treating Shutdown Like Paid Vacation


A CNN panel erupted late Friday night after informal Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore insisted that a lot of federal workers are treating the shutdown as a paid vacation.

Moore started by noting that while workers are currently not being paid, they still have a pretty good job with essentially a “lifetime tenure” and 40 days off each year.

“Nobody in the private sector gets that,” Moore opined.

“Why don’t you work as a federal worker then if it’s so great?” host Don Lemon pressed, prompting Moore to claim that working in civil service breeds mediocrity.

“If it’s such a great job, if it’s such a great job, they have had to go without pay twice now within the last year for no good reason other than Trump throwing a hissy fit,” political commentator Catherine Rampell shot back.

Moore then replied that the workers will get paid.

“You don’t know that!” Rampell replied.

“A lot of them,  you know what they are treating this like, a paid vacation because it is for a lot — they will get eventually paid,” Moore insisted. “They’re going to get a paid vacation.”

In response, Rampell gave a three-point takedown of Moore’s claim.

“First of all, we don’t know they’re getting paid,” she began.

She added: “Second of all, they may have to make a mortgage check in between now and the time that they, that, Congress maybe bestows them back pay. Third of all, there are tons of workers who are on federal government contracts who are never entitled to this sort of back pay. And these are often low wage workers people who work in food services, janitorial services, people who clean bathrooms.”

It just got more heated from there especially when Moore said in response to the counterpoint that some were on the job without pay like the TSA, that he was actually talking about the federal workers – like those in Commerce and the Department of Education —  “that don’t do much that’s very useful.”

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