CNN Panelist On ‘White Privilege’: We Have To Ask Why All Recent Mass Killings Committed By ‘White Guys’


CNN panelist David Sirota and writer at told Don Lemon Saturday that we need to “explore” the question of why so many recent mass killings were committed by white men. “I’m not saying we should racially profile white guys,” he said, but suggested that had the shooters been “Arabs” or “African-American men”, we’d be having a “very different conversation” in this country.

According to Sirota, many of the recent gun tragedies in America have been carried out by white men, 18- to 25-years-old. He asks,

“Why is the composite so similar? Why are 70% of these mass shootings at the hands of white men? Not to say they should be racially profiled but to ask the question, why is the composite so similar? Let’s explore that. Let’s ask that question.”

“It’s an important question,” Sirota notes, “in light of a political climate” where a “white victimization” narrative is widespread. He continued,

“This idea white people are being kept down, that white people are being oppressed – does this have anything to do with this? I think it’s worth asking the question.”

Lemon referenced a recent article Sirota had written in which he said if the shooter was a black male, he’d be a labelled a “thug,” or if he was Muslim, he’d be labelled a “terrorist,” but since he’s white, no generalized labels have been thrown about. Sirota stood by his piece and said he hoped the “next time something bad happens,” we don’t “ascribe to entire groups the bad actions of individuals.” The reason we’re not now, he said, is because it’s a form of “white privilege.”

Watch the full clip below, via CNN:

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