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Sen. Doug Jones Slams NRA ‘Scare Tactics,’ But Says People Shouldn’t ‘Demonize’ Pro-Gun Groups

Can We Talk About CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Her Seriously Biased Parkland Shooting Coverage?

Barron Trump’s School Joins a Hundred-Strong Call Demanding Action on Gun Control

Laura Ingraham Blasts Anti-Gun Student Walkouts: ‘’ Could’ve Written This ‘Anti-Trump Diatribe’

Nickelodeon, MTV, Other Viacom Networks Go Dark For 17 Minutes to Honor Student Walkout

Meghan McCain and Whoopi Spar Over Gun Violence Protests: ‘We’re Tired of the BS’

Jake Tapper: What Happened to Trump’s ‘Bravado’ on Gun Control?

Shepard Smith Rips Trump Gun Control Claim: ‘Just Not Factually Accurate’

Brian Kilmeade Challenges Dana Loesch: ‘You’re Not Against Universal Background Checks, Right?’

Florida Lawmaker Makes Brave Stand Against ‘Children’ Calling For Gun Control: ‘Adults Make the Laws’

Jordan Klepper Gets Serious on Guns: ‘Frustrating’ Because ‘Very Small Minority’ Has Loudest Voices

After Blasting Trump, Tucker Carlson Clarifies The Left Is Still a Bigger ‘Threat to Gun Rights’

After Dianne Feinstein Posts Twitter Pic of Phallic-Shaped Gun, Erick Erickson Says ‘I Want One’

NRA Issues Blistering Statement on Trump Gun Control Meeting: ‘Great TV’ But ‘Bad Policy’

Trump in Bipartisan Meeting: ‘Take the Guns First, Go Through Due Process Second’

WATCH LIVE: Trump Talks School Safety With Bipartisan Lawmakers

Trump Reportedly Backing Away From Support of 21 Year Age Limit For Assault Weapons

In Remarks to Governors, Trump Says ‘Half of You Are So Afraid of the NRA’

Trump Says He Would’ve Taken on Parkland Shooter: ‘I’d Run in There Even if I Didn’t Have a Weapon’

Parkland Survivor Skewers Marco Rubio With Tweet on NRA Funding After CNN Town Hall

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