Gun Control

Nicolle Wallace: Second Amendment Meant to Fight ‘Foreign Militias,’ Not Have ‘Armed Population’

Washington Post Editorial Board Calls on Trump to Pass Gun Control: ‘End This American Carnage’

Rick Santorum on Gun Control Debate: Why Aren’t We Going After Violent Video Games and Films?

SNL‘s Weekend Update Pushes For Gun Control: ‘This Shouldn’t Be a Partisan Issue’

Trevor Noah Hits Mediaite’s Larry O’Connor for ‘Sh*tting All Over’ His Anti-Gun Rhetoric

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and Sean Hannity Slam Hollywood as ‘Hypocrites’ on Guns

Michael Moore Calls For Repeal of Second Amendment

Tomi Lahren: ‘When You Have a Gun-Free Zone, You’re Neutering Everyone There’

MSNBC’s Ari Melber Delivers Impassioned Monologue on Gun Control: ‘Are We Helpless?’

If The Left Finds US Government Evil And Racist, Then Why Let It Control Our Guns?

Kimmel Shames Critics For Dismissing Gun Control: ‘In Your Heart, You Know You Bear Some Responsibility’

Chuck Todd: ‘You Would Think Our Leaders Should Be Able to Have’ Gun Control Conversation

McConnell on Calls for Gun Control: ‘Premature to Be Discussing Legislative Solutions’

After the Las Vegas Massacre, Obama and Clinton Show Us Why He Was President and She’ll Never Be 

Scariest Part of Las Vegas Massacre? The Pro-Gun Message That Nothing Can Be Done

Steve Bannon: Trump Supporting Gun Control ‘Will Be the End of Everything’

Nothing More Infuriating Than Foreign-Born TV Stars Lecturing Americans On Gun Ownership

James Corden: Some Say It’s ‘Too Early’ To Talk Gun Control, But It’s ‘Far Too Late’ for Vegas Victims

Tucker Carlson Bashes Clinton’s Vegas Tweets: ‘Maybe You Should Know What You’re Talking About’

Trevor Noah: ‘We Seem to Do Everything to Avoid Talking About Guns’

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