Gun Control

Sen. Klobuchar Calls for More ‘Sensible’ Gun Control After Mass Shooting in Aurora, IL

GOPer Matt Gaetz Tries to Have Parkland Dad Ejected for Confronting Him at Hearing

David Hogg: It’s ‘Bullsh*t’ to Block Gun Control Laws at the State Level

Mother of Thousand Oaks Victim Who Survived Vegas Massacre: ‘I Don’t Want Prayers. I Want Gun Control!’

Nancy Pelosi Vows House Dems Will Fight for ‘Solutions to Prevent Gun Violence’ After California Shooting

Piers Morgan Calls on ‘Cowardly’ Trump to Prohibit the AR-15: ‘Grow a Pair, and Ban Them’

Twitter Mocks Fox News For Suggesting Jamie Lee Curtis is a Gun Control Hypocrite: ‘Wow. Nailed Her’

Debate Between Gun Rights Activist and Mass Shooting Survivor Explodes on CNN: ‘You’re Going to Have Blood on Your Hands’

MSNBC Host Hugh Hewitt Proposes ‘No More Trench Coats’ After Santa Fe Shooting

Houston Police Chief Urges Gun Control Advocates to ‘Start Using the Ballot Box’

Pols Call for Action After Santa Fe Shooting: ‘Horrifying Inaction of Congress’ Is ‘Green Light’ for Shooters

Parkland Student Emma Gonzalez Says ‘Go Join the Army’ if You Want to Shoot an AR-15

S.E. Cupp Lambasted After Saying Guns Are Good For Economy: ‘I’ll Take Lives Over Jobs’

French Officials Denounce Trump For Using Paris Attack to Promote Guns in NRA Speech: ‘Obscene Antics’

NRA Tells Members to ‘Steer Clear’ of Dallas Restaurant Supporting ‘Gun Regulations’

Matthew McConaughey Says Parkland-Led Gun Control Movement Can Get ‘Hijacked’ By Anti-Gun Activists

Tucker Carlson: ‘I Spent 48 Years Not Becoming a Conspiracy-Minded Nut’

NRA Spox Dana Loesch on Calls to Repeal 2nd Amendment: We Finally See Honesty From the Anti-Gun Left

Sean Penn Says Parkland Students Might Make Him Write Fewer Dystopian Novels

CNN Student Panel Gets Heated Over Gun Control Debate: ‘My Life is More Important Than a Gun!’

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