CNN’s Jeremy Diamond Scoffs At Trump Blaming Twitter Ban For His Silence: The White House Podium Is ‘Still In Working Order’


CNN’s Jeremy Diamond scoffed at the excuse from Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley claiming that President Donald Trump’s failure to strongly denounce the Capitol riot was because of his ban from Twitter and other major social media platforms. Diamond called Gidley’s attempt to shift the blame “absurd” and noted that the podium in the White House press room was “still in working order.”

Diamond made the comments on CNN Newsroom to host Ana Cabrera, after she played a clip of Gidley.

“The media, though, are trying to have it both ways,” Gidley was shown saying. “On one hand, he should be censored by Big Tech and not allowed to talk. He also shouldn’t say anything because it is divisive. Then when he doesn’t say anything and can’t say anything because the platforms have been removed, they say where is the president? Why aren’t we hearing from him?”

“The idea that the president’s lack of a Twitter account now prevents him from making statements is absurd,” Diamond said in response, as the video cut to a view of the empty White House Press Briefing Room. “You can see the White House podium there still in working order, though it hasn’t been used in weeks now at the White House.”

“The president could step out at any time,” Diamond added. “He has a press corps ready and willing to listen to his comments and report them out ,but the president not doing that. Staying behind closed doors in his final days in office.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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