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Nancy Pelosi Mocks GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy for Not Knowing How Twitter Works

Fox News’ Brit Hume Calls Trump Comparing Mueller Probe to McCarthyism ‘Ridiculous’

CNN’s Oliver Darcy Mocks Twitter CEO’s Temporary Suspension of Alex Jones: ‘Comical’ He Thinks This Will Work

Twitter CEO: I Don’t Want to Live in a World Where We Only See Happy Things

Trump Rails Against NYT Mueller Probe Scoop in Wild Tweetstorm: ‘Fake’ Report on ‘McCarthyism at its WORST!’

Jack Dorsey: ‘I Fully Admit’ Twitter Has to Be More Transparent With Policy Enforcement, ‘That’s On Me’

Twitter is Rightly Disgusted by Gushers’ Vile New Deep-Fried Monstrosity They Call ‘Perfection’

Resistance Twitter Turns on Trump Critic Amy Siskind After Prior Support of Sarah Palin Surfaces

Trump Rails Against Boston Globe For Coordinated Editorials: ‘COLLUSION’ For ‘Free Press’

Lester Holt to Jack Dorsey: Would Trump’s Tweet Attacking Omarosa as a ‘Dog’ Violate Terms of Service?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tells NBC News Alex Jones Ban is a ‘Timeout’ to ‘Alter His Behavior’

Trump Trolls Maxine Waters With Happy Birthday Wish

Breitbart Man Calls For ‘National Conversation’ About Use of N-Word After Hearing Rap Song in Gym

Twitter Temporarily Suspends Alex Jones After Tweet Calling For Violence Against Media

Outnumbered Hits Trump For Insulting Omarosa in ‘Terrible’ Tweets: ‘Why Use That Kind of Language?’

Trump Once Again Blames Jeff Sessions: No Witch Hunt if We Had a ‘Real Attorney General’

Trump Retweets Michael Cohen Refuting Omarosa Claim That Trump Ate Paper

Kasich Responds to Trump Attack With Laughing Putin GIF

Trump’s Attacks on Ex-White House Official ‘Wacky Omarosa’ Blows Up Twitter: ‘We Asked For This’

Twitter Shocked by Omarosa’s Claim She Recorded John Kelly in the Situation Room: ‘Insane’

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