Twitter Points and Laughs at Trump’s ‘Smocking Gun’ Gaffe: ‘Not a Typo, He Did it Twice’

Trump Attacks ‘Leakin’ James Comey’: Must’ve ‘Set a Record for Who Lied the Most to Congress in One Day’

Trump Brutally Mocked for Claiming Cohen Memo ‘Totally Clears’ Him: ‘You Are Individual-1’

Twitter Goes Off After Trump Lashes Out at Tillerson: So He Hired Someone ‘Dumb as a Rock’?

Giuliani Absurdly Accuses Twitter of Allowing Someone to ‘Invade’ His Tweet With ‘Disgusting Anti-President Message’

Trump Invokes Paris Protests Over Fuel Tax Hike to Decry ‘Fatally Flawed’ Climate Agreement

Chuck Grassley: Trump Would Be Better Served If He ‘Showed His Wife’ Before Tweeting

‘DEAR HANNITY… MEET HUMANITY’: Stephanie Ruhle Rips Fox Host for Mocking Her Tears Over Bush

Twitter Tries to Make Sense of Giuliani’s Covfefe-Like Tweet: ‘Best Legal Advice Yet’

Kasich Chides Trump for Retweeting Photo of Enemies Behind Bars: ‘I Thought We Got Over That When Nixon Left’

After Mississippi Race Called for Republican, Trump Posts Weird Reddit Meme of Brenda Snipes

Twitter’s Ban of Right Wing Pundit Divides Users: ‘Civil War 2 Fetishist’ or the ‘Nelson Mandela’ of Social Media?

Ex-Trump Aide Reveals How President Dictates His Tweets: ‘Meticulous’ With Punctuation

Blue Checks See Red Over Green Policy CNN Panel with Rick Santorum: ‘They’re Literally Aiding and Abetting Genocide’

Trump Makes Baseless Claim Central American Countries Formed Caravan to Dump ‘Certain People’ in United States

Mitch McConnell’s Biographer: Republicans Are ‘Beyond Redemption,’ ‘Dems Only Viable’ Option

Trump Spends Thanksgiving Eve Tweeting While Watching Fox News: Lots of ‘CRIMINALS in the Caravan’

Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan Spend Thanksgiving Eve Arguing About Little Mix, Misogyny, and Nudity

John Roberts Stuns Twitter With Rare Statement Rebuking Trump: ‘Extraordinary and Unprecedented’

Republicans Mike Lee and Tom Cotton Go To War on Twitter: Everything in His Tweet Thread is ‘100% Fake News’

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