CNN’s Phil Mudd: Bill Barr Will ‘Crush This Administration’ and Trump Never Saw It Coming


CNN analyst Phil Mudd provided an interesting observation on Friday’s New Day in which he took the position that President Donald Trump may come to regret nominating Attorney General Bill Barr but in his more signature and colorful style.

Mudd said “Barr will be one of the most significant appointees the president has ever made, because Barr, I suspect, is going to crush the administration. The president’s going to say, I never saw that one coming”

Mudd’s comment came during a conversation on CNN’s New Day focused on the recent bombshell report that Trump directed his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie during Congressional testimony about discussions with Russian authorities over a potential Trump Tower Moscow project. If true, the suborning of perjury would be the clearest case of obstruction of justice and a federal felony.

Watch above via CNN.

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