CNN’s Sciutto BATTLES Trump Adviser: Are You Fine With President Calling on Authoritarian China to Probe a U.S. Citizen?


Well, this is a cable news segment for cable news record books!

Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro appeared on CNN Friday morning and had a remarkably contentious interview with CNN anchor Jim Sciutto in what can fairly be called the purest expression of the current conflict between President Donald Trump and an aggressive news media reporting on alleged abuse of power.

Trump called on China to investigate his political rival Joe Biden during a White House lawn press spray Thursday, which was a rather stunning development considering the impeachment inquiry announced last week by Speaker Nancy Pelosi over similar allegations stemming from a whistleblower complaint about Trump’s pressure on Ukraine.

While Trump and his defenders have taken the position that there was no quid pro quo in the Trump administration withheld Congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine in exchange for Trump’s specifically asking Ukraine to investigate his political rival, texts released late Thursday morning show that officials were concerned about the appearance of a quid pro quo.  Further, Friday morning CNN reported that Trump allegedly offered silence on Hong Kong protestors to Chinese President Xi Jinping amidst stalled trade talks.

Employing the “best defense is a good offense” tactic so often used by Trump and his administration officials, Navarro refused to answer Sciutto’s specific questions, instead of blaming reports for being sourced by a single, anonymous source. And that defense continued despite Sciutto’s repeated and admirable effort to get Navarro to address his questions.

So these were the issues addressed by Sciutto and dismissed as “witch hunt” by Navarro.

Sciutto asked his guest how he reacted he heard the president yesterday call on China to investigate an American,.

Navarro replied “Is this like an interrogation here? It is like I feel like I’m Adam Schiff is sitting in front of me.”

Sciutto reminded Navarro that he is a journalist and “asks questions of Democrats and Republicans every day.”

Navarro repeated his claim that “this is like an interrogation,” before ignoring the question entirely with “this is witch hunt part two.”

Navarro used the “witch hunt” claim repeatedly and challenged the CNN anchor to do better reporting,  not in the manner that he felt was thinly sourced.

And so it went, which you can watch above via CNN.

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