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Elizabeth Warren: I Think About The ‘Two Cent Wealth Tax’ When ‘I Go to Bed at Night’

During a town hall in San Diego, California, Friday, 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) claimed she thinks about taxing the rich when she goes “to bed at night” in an effort to sleep better.

“You know that two cent wealth tax? Well I go to bed at night sometimes and I’m thinking this thing has happened, this thing has happened, and then I think two cent wealth tax,” Warren claimed. “Oh, just pay their share and what we can do. You know, we pass the two cent wealth tax and here’s the thing, not just a majority of Democrats like it, not just a majority of independents like it, but the majority of Republicans like it. And that’s why we’re gonna win, it’s why we’re gonna make change, and it’s how we’re gonna start bringing this nation back together.”

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Warren’s two cent tax plan would tax “a mere 2 cents on the dollar for the richest of the rich,” on “fortunes above $50 million.”

Those with fortunes “above $1 billion,” would be taxed 3 percent, and the plan would be used to fund Warren’s platform policies, including the abolition of student debt.

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