Jim Sciutto

CNN’s Jim Sciutto: Trump’s Creating and Defending ‘His Own Reality’ on Russia

CNN’s Jim Sciutto Suggests Long Meeting with Trump is ‘A Victory For Putin’

Democratic Rep. Rips Trump’s Presser: ‘Clownish Performance by a Reality Show Star’

‘It’s TOTALLY Complicated!’ CNN’s David Chalian Ridicules Huckabee Sanders’ ‘Not Complicated’

FBI Officials Tell Reporters They Were Caught Off-Guard and Shocked By Comey Firing

CNN’s Sciutto on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Trips After Criticizing Obama: ‘How Do You Defend That?’

Tainted Journalism: CNN Lets Obama Administration Alum Report on Susan Rice Story

CNN’s Jim Sciutto: Susan Rice News ‘Appears to Be a Story Largely Ginned Up, Partly as a Distraction’

‘I’m Disturbed’: GOP Rep. Says Trump’s Unproven Wiretap Claims Harm ‘Our Ability to Move Forward’

‘Isn’t that a Counter Leak?’: CNN’s Jim Sciutto Grills House Intel Chair for Speaking to Reporters on Russia

CNN’s Jim Sciutto: Trump’s Putin Comments Put America on Same ‘Moral Relativism’ as Authoritarian States

CNN Reporters Tear Into Trump Over CIA Speech: ‘I’m Amazed At That Type of Commentary’

‘Denial of Real News’: CNNers Go Off on Team Trump After New Report on Intel Briefing

‘He Said I Think’: CNN’s Jim Sciutto Corrects Blitzer Claiming Trump ‘Flatly’ Said Russia Did Hacking

Trump Adviser Says There’s a ‘Possibility’ Trump is ‘Playing Us’ by Saying He Knows New Hacking Info

‘Quite a Throwaway Line There’: CNN Host Expresses Shock at Trump Adviser’s Dismissal of Hacking

‘I Would Like to Finish Just One Sentence’: Ron Dermer, CNN’s Sciutto Clash Over Israel

CNN’s Jim Sciutto to Lindsey Graham: Are You Concerned About Trump’s Foreign Policy Tweets?

CNN’s Dana Bash Expresses ‘Pollyanna’ Wish That Democrats Will ‘Say Uncle,’ Won’t Obstruct Trump

‘Uh-Oh’: Trump’s Call With Taiwan Sets Twitter Ablaze

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