‘Cover Up’: Morning Joe Goes There Over Missing Secret Service Texts from January 6th Despite Subpoena


Texts from the Secret Service sent before and during January 6th that had been subpoenaed have gone missing. On Wednesday, Morning Joe suggests a “cover-up” might be at play.

The Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig reported on Tuesday that the Secret Service has determined it no longer has any text messages relevant to the Jan. 6 House investigation as all texts were permanently “purged,” according to a senior source.  She added in her report that the National Archives is looking into whether or not “the potential unauthorized deletion” violated U.S. law.

The Secret Service and several of its key agents surrounding former President Donald Trump on Jan. 6, 2021, “have been embroiled in the Jan. 6 investigation because of their role shadowing and planning President Donald Trump’s movements that day,” explained Leonnig.

The MSNBC morning show opened with some level of shock at either the incompetence or duplicity apparently at play here. But it was rising star Jonathan Lemire who went there.

“Here, the words ‘cover-up’ continue to be uttered here,” he opened. “It’s hard to offer any sort of explanation. It does seem that the Secret Service’s efforts to turn over the messages, there was the maintenance with the phones, that was scheduled for the end of January.”

The White House Bureau Chief for Politico and host of Way Too Early continued by noting the Secret Service had received a request to preserve records a solid week to ten days prior to that date of migration was set to begin. “January 5th and 6th happened. The request came in ten days after. The device migration didn’t start until a week after that. There’s no excuse, officials that I talked to saying there’s no excuse that that migration wasn’t paused and those records weren’t preserved.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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