Dershowitz Scolds MSNBC Panel: ‘Don’t You Dare Accuse Me’ of Defending Trump


Things got heated on MSNBC’s Kasie DC on Sunday as former Assistant US District Attorney Mimi Rocah, Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, and host Kasie Hunt battled it out over if Dershowitz was actually, in his arguments, making a case for President Donald Trump.

“First of all, it’s remarkable Mr. Dershowitz’s initial argument now, how far we’ve come,” Rocah began. “Originally Trump’s defense was there was no meeting. Then it was there was a meeting but they only talked about adoptions. Then it was Trump didn’t know about the meeting. Now, it appears we’ve gotten to the point where Trump may know about it about but no crime was committed. I think that that in and of itself, the sort of path of this defense by Trump’s team is telling, but I also think we can’t look at this meeting in isolation. It is very significant, if true, that he knew about the meeting. And that doesn’t mean that a crime begins and ends there. You have to look at everything that came before it and everything that came after it.”

Dershowitz was not amused.

“You are implying in a kind of Mccarthyite way that I am somehow defending Trump and that I am making his case. Shame on you,”  Dershowitz scolded.

He added: “I am making a civil liberties case. I am not part of the Trump defense team and don’t you dare accuse me of doing that. I am not making a case for anybody. I would be making the identical case if Hillary Clinton had been elected and they were trying to stretch the law the way all four of you are trying to stretch the law to target somebody who you disapprove of.”

“Nobody is stretching the law here,” Hunt interjected.

Then, speaking over Hunt, Dershowitz continued on: “I am the only person on the show who is trying to defend civil liberties. Give me at least an opportunity to make that case and don’t accuse me of making a case for somebody I’m not making a case for.”

Rocah then interjected that she was not “accusing” but responding to Dershowitz’s own words.

“I am not responsible for what Trump said earlier,” Dershowitz pressed on.

“You are defending him, sir,” Hunt replied.

“I am not defending him. I am defending civil liberties and a narrow construction of the law –” Dershowitz insisted.

“You’re defending him in the name of civil liberties,” Rocah shot back.

Dershowitz then tried again to make his case that he was not defending Trump.  “I have to tell you, if the evidence were to point to crime, whether it be of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump of or of you I would make that case. But I am not going to make the law stretch for an individual who is very unpopular. That’s my view. Get it clear.”

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