‘Don’t You Dare Ask Us To Just Accept It And Move On!’: Judge Jeanine Rails Against Democrats, Media Telling Trump to Concede


Judge Jeanine Pirro launched her Saturday evening Fox News program with a rant against the Democrats and the media for urging President Donald Trump to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden.

“We are criticized because we are asking questions,” said Pirro. “Under the cover of Covid, rules were changed, providing opportunities for wrongdoers. Covid cannot be used to run herd on our constitution. Covid is not a prophylactic that prevents us from exercising our constitutional fundamental right to vote.”

“And Joe Biden, he had his own view of the opportunity it presented,” Pirro continued, cuing up a video clip of Biden that’s been taken out of context to falsely suggest that he was encouraging or admitting to voter fraud.

Pirro dismissed calls for unity after the election, criticizing the left for talking “about bringing the country together after they created four years of chaos, accusing Trump of sowing doubt in our democracy.”

Pirro criticized changes to election procedures (that were done in response to the pandemic) and slammed Democrats for saying that questioning the election was a “danger to America,” and “they cast it as a temper tantrum by us.”

“The question is, will any of these allegations affect a sufficient number of votes to change the result of the election? Maybe yes, and maybe no.” Pirro rhetorically asked — a question that has been answered in the negative by the vast majority of political observers that are not currently on the Trump campaign or White House payroll, plus several Fox News opinion hosts.

Pirro at least seemed willing to entertain the possibility that Trump had lost. “If the answer is President Trump did not win, then on January 20, Joe Biden will be my president. But until then. President Trump is my president because America has only one president at a time!”

“And in the meantime, please don’t tell me that we cannot examine the ballots,” Pirro continued. “Please do not tell me that we cannot pursue these irregularities. That’s laughable!”

Pirro noted how the left “didn’t stop on Election Day in 2016,” boycotting Trump’s inauguration, protesting in D.C. “in their pussy hats” and “had a hissy fit for four years.”

“No, we’ll pursue all legal avenues where there are irregularities, illegalities, and corruptions,” Pirro concluded emphatically. “Until the certification and the electors vote, that is not a lot to ask. So don’t you dare ask us to just accept it and move on!”

Pirro ended the segment urging viewers to buy her new book.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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