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Former Police Officer on CNN Pans Trump Executive Order: ‘It Will Not Do Anything to Correct Police Brutality’

Joe Ested, a former Virginia police officer who wrote a book on police brutality last year, panned the executive order announced by President Donald Trump Tuesday on policing issues.

In part, the president said in his announcement Tuesday, “Chokeholds will be banned unless the officer’s life is at risk.”

CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked Ested what impact the executive order will have overall. He said, “Absolutely nothing.”

“It will not do anything to correct police brutality, which is the real issue,” Ested elaborated. “You can’t have a recommendation to fixing police that’s not going to work. Police entities operate within their own culture. They’ve been doing it for many, many years. We need real legislation that is going to stop, that’s going to punish.”

He brought up recommendations he laid out in his book Police Brutality Matters and said the proposals announced today don’t get to “the root of the problem”:

“A lot of these recommendations, a lot of the departments already have that in policy. We could take Officer Pantaleo who choked out Eric Garner. There’s policy that says you don’t do that. The problem is they’re not being punished, they’re not being held accountable when they violate policy. So since the police department don’t want to hold them accountable, then we need legislation that’s going to prosecute, that’s going to convict officers when they don’t follow procedures and don’t follow policies. I drafted a whole list of recommendations that I know working from the inside out in the culture of policing that would just wipe away police brutality.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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