Fox & Friends Loses It Over Michelle Wolf’s WHCD Jokes: ‘The Whole Thing Was Really X-Rated’


Despite consistently defending a president who calls women “disgusting,” “fat,” and compares them to pigs, the hosts of Fox & Friends were very offended by Michelle Wolf’s jokes about Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

President Donald Trump’s favorite trio tore into Wolf over her White House Correspondents Dinner set, accusing the “way to the left” comic of using “X-rated,” “attack dog style” language to unfairly go after Sanders and her looks.

Wolf, who spoke at the Saturday night event, caused quite a stir among both right-wing media and the Washington, D.C. access journalist media scene, with both groups claiming the comedian went too far.

Brian Kilmeade was particularly disturbed by Wolf’s bits, as he was “surprised to hear Michelle Wolf have this style comedy and this attack dog style.” Channeling his inner Maggie Haberman, host Steve Doocy praised Sanders for her poise while under fire, saying “she rose above it” and “did not give Wolf the satisfaction of any sort of reaction.”

Ainsley Earhardt was the most offended of all the Fox & Friends‘ hosts:

“Her eye makeup’s fine. I don’t understand that that’s not even funny. The Aunt Lydia and the Handmaid’s Tale — if you Google that image, it’s not complimentary. So she’s saying she’s not making fun of her appearance. Sarah Huckabee Sanders looked beautiful. She was sitting five feet from her right there on the stage. You know, and she handled herself gracefully. Look how pretty she looks. She looks amazing.”

Earhardt continued by stating the “glamorous” Sanders is a “working mother” and was “doing the best job she can.” However, Earhardt’s comments appear to be misguided, since Wolf never insulted her physical appearance.

While many point to the eye makeup comment, Wolf was actually complimenting both her “perfect smokey eye” as a means of criticizing her ability to lie. As for the comparison to Aunt Lydia from The Handmaid’s Tale, Wolf appeared to be making a parallel between Sanders and the fictional henchwoman who helps run a dystopian, sexist government.

Kilmeade, who attended the dinner, added that everyone in the room felt that “something terrible had just happened,” while Earhardt concluded by saying “the whole thing was really X-rated.”

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