Fox Liberal Contributor Kirsten Powers Rips Obama And Other Liberals For Supporting Drone ‘Kill List’

Appearing on Fox’s America Live this afternoon, Fox liberal contributor Kirsten Powers tore into President Obama and her fellow liberals for the inconsistency of defending a drone strike “kill list” while vigorously opposing waterboarding and torture under President George W. Bush.

Powers began the segment by arguing that Obama might be “worse” than Bush on terror policies, because the former is “assassinating American citizens with no due process.” She cited the killing of the 16-year-old, Colorado-born son of Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed by a drone despite having no evidence of being an Al Qaeda operative. “How is that okay?” she asked.

Co-panelist Monica Crowley chimed in that Bush had received much criticism for his memo providing a legal framework for “enhanced interrogation techniques,” and yet there is a lack of “liberal outrage” over the president’s “kill list.”

Asked to explain how some of her fellow liberals could defend the drone strikes, Powers said, “I can’t. I mean, they’re clearly hypocrites and they clearly don’t care about human rights. They only care if it helps them politically. That’s all I can say. a couple of people are great on this issue.” She cited a few liberals like Glenn Greenwald, who are “consistent” on this issue, but “for the most part it’s despicable.”

She continued: “There is no way you can argue that you can kill an American without due process and that he’s not being held accountable by the media, I mean, he’s not even addressed this memo. Could you imagine if this was Bush?”

By the end of the segment, Powers concluded, “Can you imagine if, as Robert Gibbs said when he was asked about Anwar al-Awlaki’s son being killed, ‘He should have had a better father‘? Could you imagine? They should not let this administration get away with it.”

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