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Monica Crowley

Sheriff Clarke Accuses Andrew Kaczynski of ‘Electronic Terrorism’

CNN’s Stelter: Hannity’s Disdain for Journalism ‘Hurts His Viewers’

Monica Crowley Insists Plagiarism Scandal Was ‘Political Hit Job,’ ‘It’s Been Debunked’

‘Time is Now Up’: Maddow Hammers Trump For Not Getting the ‘Basic Stuff’ Done Before Taking Office

Monica Crowley Forgoes White House Position

Ben Carson’s Prepared Senate Testimony Included Apparent Plagiarism

REPORT: Trump National Security Pick Found to Have Plagiarized Yet Again

REPORT: Monica Crowley’s Book Being ‘Taken Down’ During Plagiarism Investigation

REPORT: Trump National Security Pick Monica Crowley Caught Plagiarizing Again

Ex-Fox Contributor and Current Trump Staffer Monica Crowley Reportedly Plagiarized 2012 Book

Remember That Time New Trump Hire Monica Crowley Called On Putin to Hack State Dept. Emails?

Fox News Terminates Monica Crowley’s Contract as She Reportedly Takes Trump Job

REPORT: Laura Ingraham Willing to Accept Press Secretary Position if She Has Role in Policymaking

Fox Host to Liz Cheney: Did Obama Bring Up Torture to Distract from His Own Scandals?

Bill O’Reilly to Conservative Guest: ‘That’s Right-Wing Paranoia’

O’Reilly Challenges Colmes, Crowley on Fiery Rhetoric From the Left and Right: Why So Angry?

Fox’s Crowley: Media Ignored Cruz Filibuster, But ‘Exalts Cult of Death’ for Wendy Davis

Palin Won’t Rule Out Senate Run: ‘Ted Cruz Needs Some Reinforcements’

Fox Guests Clash Over Whether Media Has ‘Double Standard’ Over Bush and Obama’s Wars

Media Becoming Repulsed by Obama Ignoring Own ‘Red Line,’ Permitting Syrian Holocaust

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