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Fox News Guest Gets Heated About Barron Trump: If Someone Said This About Obama’s Kids ‘They’d Be Thrown in Jail!’

A Fox News guest got very angry with Pamela Karlan’s joke about President Donald Trump’s son, arguing someone would get imprisoned for joking about Barack Obama’s children or Chelsea Clinton.

“Democrats lecture Republicans every single day about civility and proper norms for the problem is the rules don’t apply to themselves and they dragged a 13-year-old boy into this. Why? Solely because they hate Donald John Trump,” Ford O’Connell told Melissa Francis on Outnumbered Overtime. Francis was filling in for Harris Faulkner and talking about Karlan invoking Barron Trump for a joke about the difference between a president and royalty.

“Imagine for example a Republican witness had said this about the Obama children or Chelsea Clinton back in the 90s, they’d be thrown in jail! It’s unbelievable. The Democrats basically say because they don’t like Trump, they hate Trump, the rules don’t apply and they do anything to get Trump and embarrass his family. It’s a sad day in America!” he continued.

Francis noted that Karlan apologized during testimony and asked fellow panelist Jose Aristimuño for his response.

“Any children, any of the president’s First Family should be kept away from insults and being made fun of. I don’t tolerate that for any second,” he told Francis.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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