Fox News Host Appeals to Lewandowski’s ‘Heartstrings’ Over ‘Womp Womp’ Response to Disabled Child


Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Tuesday responded to the story of a child with Down Syndrome who was separated from her parents with “womp womp,” meant to the be the mocking “sad trombone” sound. On Fox News today, he was offered the opportunity to apologize and did not take it, instead doubling down.

Later in the same segment, after Lewandowski had “explained” that he was not mocking a disabled child but rather the idea that people cared about the disabled child, Fox host Sandra Smith circled back, asking generically about the level of “rhetoric” in discussions of family separation at our border. Smith appealed to Lewandowski’s “heartstrings.”

“I want to go back to the words and the rhetoric that is being used around this, because it is so highly charged, and it’s pulling at all of our heartstrings,” she said. “Reports of these tender-age shelters. Of migrant children that are so young they’re finding a separate place for them because of the influx of children being separated from their parents at the border.”

“That pulls at your heartstrings,” she continued, using the term again. “I know you, you’re a parent. It’s a difficult situation for us as Americans to look on and see this is happening at our border.”

Lewandowsi responded that this was on the parents for coming here, and on Congress for not changing the laws. He said if people went to China illegally the consequences would be the same (an odd moral benchmark). The responsibility is on everyone else and not on the Trump administration for instituting zero tolerance or doing the actual separating, somehow. Trump at the mercy of all these cruel outside forces, apparently.

Womp.    Womp.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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