Corey Lewandowski

Steve Bannon: Michelle Fields Controversy Was ‘Total Joke,’ Used by Media to Destroy Trump

Chris Cuomo Has Epic Battle With Corey Lewandowski Over Russia Ties: ‘Nonsense!’

Corey Lewandowski: ‘My Memory Has Been Refreshed’ on Carter Page Email

Lewandowski Fiercely Denied Russia Trip Knowledge; Carter Page Testimony Says Otherwise

Lewandowski Denies Collusion in Clash With Chuck Todd: ‘I Don’t Know Anything About Russia, Okay?’

Lewandowski Says Manafort Joined Trump Campaign in ‘Very Limited Capacity,’ Immediately Contradicts Himself

Ari Fleischer Pulls a Lewandowski: ‘The Clinton Administration Paid a Foreign Operative’

Corey Lewandowski: We Need to Focus on ‘Continued Lies of the Clinton Administration’

Lewandowski: If Manafort or Stone Colluded ‘I Hope They Go to Jail for the Rest of Their Lives’

‘NIGHTMARE’: Corey Lewandowski Intimidated Neighbors With Baseball Bat, Per Lawsuit

SWAMP WATCH: Corey Lewandowski Is Lobbying Again

Corey Lewandowski Reportedly Fired From One America News Network

Lewandowski: Trump Should Fire Head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Lewandowski Snipes Campaign Rivals on MSNBC: ‘I Don’t Know What Paul Manafort Did’ on Russia

Corey Lewandowski: Trump is Growing Frustrated With GOP Congress over Health Care Bill

Corey Lewandowski Goes on Trump’s Favorite Show, Salivates Over ‘Stunningly Beautiful’ Melania

Lewandowski Says Trump to Close ACA Repeal Deal Today: ‘My Source is I Know the President’

Corey Lewandowski Denies Russia Wrongdoing to Chuck Todd: ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’

‘This Happens Every Day in a Campaign’: Corey Lewandowski Throws Cold Water on Trump Jr. Scandal

Lewandowski: Russian Meddling Issue ‘Officially Dead’ Because Putin Said He Didn’t Do It

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