Here We Go Again: Fox’s Andrew Napolitano Doesn’t Believe FBI Investigating Carter Page


Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox & Friends, Thursday, where he talked about how he doesn’t believe the reports saying the FBI has obtained a FISA warrant to monitor the communications of former Trump adviser Carter Page.

“I’m skeptical of it for a couple of reasons,” Napolitano said. “If it is true or partially true, President Trump is confronted yet again third or fourth time in his presidency with intelligence leaks intended to embarrass, humiliate or manipulate him.”

Page is one of several campaign aides who is under investigation as part of the probe into President Donald Trump‘s connection to Russia. Reports indicate that FBI officials have reason to believe Page engaged in intelligence activities on Russia’s behalf, though Page has dismissed the development as a “a joke that it’s beyond words.”

Napolitano argued during his segment that “the FISA court does not issue warrants for individuals,” and that there’s no way to tell if Page is a target or just caught up in a broader investigation.

“That’s the way the intelligence community works,” said the Fox’s judicial analyst. “They don’t want to reveal who they are looking for. If they are looking for Carter Page, they will not tell anyone they’re looking for him, not even the court.”

Last month, Napolitano was absent from Fox for several days after he perpetuated a false story saying British intelligence helped Barack Obama surveil Trump Tower. The fake news was invoked by the Trump Administration shortly afterwards, which later had to smooth things over with the United Kingdom after their government called it “utterly ridiculous.”

Napolitano stood by the story when he made his eventual return to the network.

Watch above, via Fox.

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