Adam Schiff Tears Into Trump For Ordering FISA Docs Declassified: This President Cares ‘Nothing About the Country’

NBC Reporter: Could Be ‘Huge Repercussions’ If Trump’s Declassifying Docs Over Objections of Intel Agencies

Trump Orders Declassification of FISA Docs, Release of Russia Probe Texts From Strzok, Page, and Others

Brit Hume Flat Out Rejects Trump’s Claim FISA Application Was ‘Illegal’

Jake Tapper Grills Carter Page on FISA Application: ‘You Did Advise the Kremlin’

Trump Tweets ‘Scam’ Carter Page FISA Warrants ‘Confirm with Little Doubt’ The ‘Witch Hunt Rigged’

Justice Department Releases Carter Page FISA Documents: ‘Agent of a Foreign Power’

FBI Director Chris Wray: We Still Have ‘Grave Concerns’ About Nunes FISA Memo

Cuomo and Jim Jordan Battle Over Dem Memo: ‘You Don’t Know Any of This!’

Devin Nunes Tells Hannity That the Media ‘Is Basically Part’ of the Democrats’ Team

Trump Jr. Mocks Democrats Over Memo Uproar: ‘You Can See the Fear in Their Eyes’

House Intel Committee Votes Unanimously to Send Democratic Rebuttal Memo to White House

Devin Nunes Responds to Democrats on the Memo: They ‘Tell So Many Lies,’ Not ‘Honest Actors’

White House on FISA Memo Release: Raises ‘Serious Concerns’ About FBI, DOJ Integrity

Trey Gowdy on the Memo: Contents Do Not Discredit Mueller’s Investigation

Outnumbered Gets Heated Over Nunes Memo: ‘That’s Horrifying!’

FBI Association on Memo: ‘Partisan Politics’ Will Not ‘Distract Us’ from Protecting U.S.

McCain Slams Partisan Attacks on FBI, DOJ: ‘We Are Doing Putin’s Job For Him’

CNN’s John Berman Pummels Matt Schlapp Over Nunes Memo: ‘Where is Your Proof?!’

White House Officials Reportedly Worried FBI Director Wray Will Resign Over #ReleaseTheMemo

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