Lindsey Graham on Rosenstein Story: ‘There’s a Bureaucratic Coup’ Against Trump

Trump Calls FBI ‘Cancer in Our Country,’ Says Exposing it Will Be ‘Crowning Achievement’

FBI Rebuts Trump: Found No Evidence China Hacked Hillary Clinton’s Servers

Peter Strzok’s Lawyer Speaks Out After Client Gets Sacked By FBI: No Doubt Firing Was ‘Political’

C-SPAN: We Reported Caller’s Death Threat Against Brian Stelter, Don Lemon to the FBI

Lou Dobbs: Dismantle the FBI Because ‘The Deep State is Armed and Dangerous’

Trump Tweets ‘Scam’ Carter Page FISA Warrants ‘Confirm with Little Doubt’ The ‘Witch Hunt Rigged’

FBI Director Wray After Trump Comments: Russia Attempted to Meddle and Is Continuing to Do So

Ann Coulter Calls for FBI to be ‘Disbanded’

Ahead of Putin Summit, Trump Says ‘We’re Greatly Hampered by This Whole Witch Hunt’

GOP Rep Slams Dems for Treatment of Strzok During Hearing: It Was ‘a Five-Hour Cat Bath’

Dem Rep Defends Strzok With Bizarre Question: Is Bruce Springsteen Part of the ‘Deep State Conspiracy’?

Rep. Jeffries Blasts ‘Kangaroo Court’ Strzok Hearing: Not Worthy of an Ace Ventura Investigation

Dem Rep. Says Strzok Should Get ‘Purple Heart’ for Enduring Hearings Designed for ‘People Who Watch Fox News’

Strzok Applauded For Confronting Gowdy: Suggestion of Anti-Trump Conspiracy ‘Deeply Corrodes’ FBI

Strzok Delivers Fiery Speech: My Anti-Trump Texts Were a Response to His ‘Horrible, Disgusting Behavior’

WATCH LIVE: Peter Strzok Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

James Comey Condemns NRA in New Interview: ‘It Sells Fear in the Wake’ of Mass Shootings

Trey Gowdy Goes Off on Rosenstein and Wray Over Russia Probe: ‘Finish It the Hell Up!’

Peter Strzok Reportedly Escorted from FBI Building on Friday, Still Has Bureau Job

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