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Lou Dobbs: DOJ/FBI Leaders ‘Are Corrupt’ and ‘Crooked’ and Need to Be Immediately Removed

Congressional Investigators Reportedly Found ‘Written Evidence’ FBI Found Criminality in Clinton Probe

Sarah Sanders: Trump ‘Obviously… Doesn’t Believe the Entire Justice Department is Part of’ Deep State

George Papadopoulos’ ‘Night of Heavy Drinking’ and Gossiping Reportedly Prompted Russia Probe

GOP Rep. Stands by Comments Calling for FBI ‘Purge’: ‘I’m Pretty Frustrated’

Dem Rep: Trump’s FBI Attacks ‘The Conduct of Someone Who Could Become a Tyrant’

MSNBC’s Ari Melber Tears Into ‘Juggernaut of Right-Wing Outrage’ Fueling Attacks on FBI

CNN Analyst: Trump Going After the FBI Is ‘Making the Russians’ Job a Lot Easier’

FBI Deputy Director Reportedly Planning to Retire in 2018

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett: FBI Wanted to ‘Clear a Path’ for Clinton, Launch a ‘Fictitious’ Trump Probe

Nicolle Wallace Slams GOP For Slinging Mud at FBI: ‘It Makes Me Crazy’

Donald Trump Jr.: People at ‘Highest Levels of Gov’t’ Don’t Want to ‘Let America Be America’

Outnumbered Guest Stuns Hosts After Suggesting FBI Deputy Director Plotted to Assassinate Trump

MSNBC’s John Heilemann on Fox News’ Use of ‘Coup’: ‘This Language Is Dangerous’

FBI Reportedly Told Trump in August 2016 That Russia Would Try to Infiltrate His Campaign

Jeanine Pirro Doubles Down FBI ‘Cleansing’: People Should Be Led Out ‘In Cuffs’

GOP Sen. Lankford: Anti-Trump Texts Don’t Taint Entire Mueller Investigation

CNN’s Stelter Goes Off on ‘Friends of Trump’ at Fox News: ‘Talking Like Propagandists’

GOP Sen. Cornyn: ‘Would Be a Mistake’ for Trump to Fire Mueller

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Suggests We May Have Anti-Trump ‘Coup on Our Hands in America’

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