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Comey Suggested Putting Leakers’ Heads on a Pike, Laughed About Jailing Journalists

Comey: ‘I’m Not Permitted to Answer’ Whether Sensitive Info Was Kept Away From Mike Flynn

James Comey Says He’s Nonpartisan and in No One’s ‘Pocket’

Meghan McCain Confronts Comey: ‘J. Edgar Hoover is Rolling Over in His Grave’ Over Book Details

Report: Comey Inadvertently Contributed to McCabe’s Firing After Launching The Probe Into His Leak

Ex-Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta Goes After Comey: ‘Arrogance’ Led Him to Make a ‘Very Bad Error’

Ahead of Comey’s Big ABC Interview, Here Are the Five Craziest Things We Know From His Book So Far

Trump Claims Lawyers Are ‘Deflated And Concerned’ About FBI’s Cohen Raids

CNN: FBI Seized Recordings Between Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels’ Former Lawyer

James Comey Describes Awkward Hug With Loretta Lynch: ‘Her Face Went Into My Solar Plexus’

Why is The Wall Street Journal Ignoring Its Own Role in Andrew McCabe’s Firing?

Emotional Scarborough Pounds Gingrich Over FBI-Nazi Comparison: ‘You’re Attacking’ America

NY Daily News Cover Goes There After Comey Claims Trump Was Obsessed With Pee Tape: ‘PEE BRAIN!’

Comey’s New Book Says Trump Demanded Loyalty Like Mob Boss ‘Sammy the Bull’

John Kelly Reportedly Told Comey Trump Was ‘Dishonorable’ For Firing Him

TIME Magazine’s New ‘Stormy’ Cover Shows Trump Under Water at Oval Office Desk

Trump on FBI’s Cohen Raid: ‘No Collusion or Obstruction (Other Than I Fight Back)’

Trump Reportedly Having a ‘Meltdown,’ Said He Seriously Wants to Fire Top Brass at DOJ, FBI

Michael Cohen Speaks After Office Raid, Says Agents Were ‘Courteous and Respectful’

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Bashes FBI Over Cohen Raid: They’re ‘Covering Their Own Trail’ of FISA Abuses

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