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Showing Strain? Herman Cain Blows Up At Reporters During Campaign Photo Op

Surrounded by a gaggle of reporters lobbing questions about his sexual harassment scandal in Alexandria, Herman Cain lost his temper, “Let me say one thing! Don’t even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about, okay? Don’t even bother.” But reporters wouldn’t get out of his way. “What did I say?!” Cain barked. “Excuse me. Excuse me!”

Cain was meeting with the group Docs4PatientCare to discuss his plans to repeal President Obama‘s health care plan. However, swarms of reporters continued peppering the former Godfather Pizza CEO’s with questions and an altercation broke out.

Politico journalist Juana Summers reports:

Reporters followed Cain to a hotel ballroom, where he was scheduled to hold a press briefing. Some hotel security officials flanking Cain and members of the media attempting to question him engaged in a shoving match.

At the press briefing, Cain offered just three minutes of remarks and took no questions, on healthcare or other issues.

Watch Cain bark at reporters below via Politico:

(h/t Politico)

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