House Rules Impeachment Hearing Goes Awry After Jamie Raskin Calls Out Doug Collins for Talking Too Fast


There was a bit of a weird, light-hearted moment in the House Rules Committee when Congressman Jamie Haskin (D-MD) called out House Judiciary Ranking Republican Doug Collins (GA) over his manner of speaking.

Raskin and Collins appeared before the Rules Committee on Tuesday in order to negotiate the terms for how President Donald Trump’s impeachment will proceed through Congress. After the two congressmen gave their statements on the matter, Committee Chairman Jim McGovern (D-MA) noted that Raskin was “scribbling furiously” during Collins’ testimony, so he asked if Raskin had something to say.

“Thank you, Mr. Chairman,” Raskin said. He giggled as he explained that “my friend, Mr. Collins, speaks very fast so it’s hard to keep up with everything that he’s saying.”

Collins shrugged at that, and he drew some more amused reactions as he responded that he was speaking “slow” in his earlier remarks. Raskin and McGovern acknowledged that their accents sometimes make them difficult to understand in a couple of amused reactions before getting back on track.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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