‘I’ll Be Pissed If That Dipsh*t’ Gets a Pardon: Jim Acosta Reports Trump Loyalists Anxious That People Like Joe Exotic May Get Commutations


CNN’s Jim Acosta reported on Tuesday evening that one member of Trump’s inner circle, who is lobbying for a legal reprieve for his client, is worried that Donald Trump may be tempted to make a splash with a high-profile celebrity pardon while ignoring his most loyal supporters.

The one name that keeps coming up: Netflix documentary sensation and convicted murder-for-hire plotter Joe Exotic.

Speaking with Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer, Acosta said the rumored list of 100-plus pardons Trump is planning on issuing in the final 24 hours of his term could be made public at any moment.

“Trump allies and associates who have been lobbying this White House for presidential pardons in these final hours of the Trump presidency, they are beginning to hear back from people inside the White House to whether or not their clients made the cut,” Acosta explained. “I talked to one of those Trump loyalists who was representing a client, seeking a pardon, this particular ally of the president got bad news that his client was not going to make the cut.”

“It is worth noting that word of potential celebrity pardons coming out in this list, word of that is starting to perturb and annoy some of the Trump loyalists who are speaking on behalf of their clients,” Acosta added. “And word that potentially, Joe Exotic, a.k.a. Tiger King, could get a presidential pardon. In the words of this Trump loyalist, I’ll put this in a quote; these aren’t my words, the words of a Trump ally: ‘I’ll be pissed if this dipshit does make the president’s list of pardons and my client doesn’t.'”

“There are some hard feelings building up as we speak among some of these Trump allies and loyalists who have been cashing in,” he summed up.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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