Jim Acosta

Senior CNN Official: Network Staffers Are ‘Grumbling’ About Jim Acosta’s Reporting

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump’s Speech Threatening War With North Korea ‘Made the UNGA Say OMG’

Dan Scavino Ridicules CNN’s Jim Acosta For Reporting on Trump’s Post-Irma Florida Trip

‘You Look Really Stupid There’: Greg Gutfeld Mocks CNN’s Acosta for Connecting Irma to Climate Change

CNN’s Acosta at White House Press Briefing: ‘Maybe There Is Something to This Climate Change Thing’?

CNN’s Acosta to Huckabee Sanders: Why Did Trump Have Sessions Announce His DACA Decision?

Jim Acosta Live Fact-Checks Texas GOP Rep. Over Vote Against Hurricane Sandy Funding

Jim Acosta: We Saw Trump’s True Colors Today and ‘Not Sure They Were Red, White and Blue’

Jim Acosta: We Saw Trump’s Presidency ‘Go Off the Rails’ at Today’s Press Conference

Trump Tells CNN’s Acosta: ‘I Like Real News, Not Fake News. You’re Fake News.’

Stephen Miller: ‘The Extreme Media Is Going To Do Whatever They Can To Tear Down’ Trump

Katrina Pierson: I Sent Stephen Miller a ‘Fist Bump Text Message’ After Jim Acosta Exchange

Stephen Miller May Be Up for ‘Elevated’ Communications Role After Battling CNN’s Acosta This Week

Tucker Carlson Ridicules CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Jim Acosta: ‘Yep, That’s Journalism’

Jim Acosta’s Press Briefing Challenge Was Not Journalism; It Was Activism

Scarborough: Jim Acosta ‘Went Off the Rails,’ Like He Was Quoting ‘Mein Kampf’

Tucker Carlson Mocks ‘Buffoon’ Jim Acosta: ‘Utterly Ignorant on the Subject of Immigration’

Jim Acosta Rips Briefing Foe Stephen Miller: He ‘Exploded Before Our Eyes’

Stephen Miller Dismisses Famous Statue of Liberty Poem: It Was ‘Added Later’

CNN’s Acosta After Sparring With Stephen Miller: He’s Sending Out a ‘Dog Whistle’

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