BREAKING: Trump Planning to Issue About 100 Pardons on Tuesday


President Donald Trump is planning to issue a massive pile of pardons on Tuesday, his last full day in office, according to a report by CNN.

White House reporter Jeremy Diamond told The Situation Room anchor Wolf Blitzer that three sources familiar with Trump’s plans told him that the president intended to pardon about 100 people.

“The pardons, we’re told,” Diamond said, “are expected to include a mixture of more controversial pardons to white collar criminals, high profile rappers, as well as potentially some of the president’s political allies, but also in this batch several pardons that are more criminal justice reform minded,” like his commutation of Alice Marie Johnson’s sentence in 2018.

Diamond also reported that Trump has apparently taken his advisers’ counsel and is not planning to pardon any of the Capitol rioters or attempt to pardon himself — or, “at least the paperwork for a self-pardon has not yet been drawn up.”

“We know the president has been considering these preemptive pardons for individuals not yet charged with any crimes including his children and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani,” Diamond continued. “We don’t yet know where the president has landed on that.”

Blitzer reported later that there was a meeting at the White House Sunday evening to finalize the list of pardons.

This is a breaking news story and may be updated.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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