John Podesta: ‘It Was Despicable That Fox News Was Peddling’ Seth Rich Conspiracy

Back in April when Bill O’Reilly was suffering his ignominious exit from cable news, we noticed how much the competition delighted in covering his demise, and coined the term “FoxNews-enfreude” to define the celebration of Fox News pain. Well that term can now apply to the political and cable news personalities (often targeted by Fox News hosts and contributors) who appear to truly enjoy criticizing Fox News in their alleged role in promoting the Seth Rich conspiracy.

The latest? Former Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta who wasted absolutely no time in simply calling Fox News “despicable” for peddling this story. He then went on to besmirch the characters of Fox News host Sean Hannity, form Fox News executive Bill Shine before adding “the whole thing is horrible, I think, and I think that the Rich family has really suffered a lot as a result of the lack of values both at Fox News and the White House.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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