comScore Laura Ingraham: The GOP is Using Roy Moore As a ‘Scapegoat’ From Their Own Failures

Laura Ingraham: The GOP is Using Roy Moore As a ‘Scapegoat’ From Their Own Failures

On Wednesday night, Laura Ingraham went after the Republican Party for using Roy Moore as a “scapegoat” for their legislative shortcomings.

She began by saying “everyone is running for the exits” in the wake of the growing scandal surrounding the GOP Alabama Senate candidate and that “they should.”

Ingraham says she “understands” that Republicans don’t want to be asked tough questions about supporting Moore and their fears that this will lead to a “midterm election disaster” in 2018.

“But the more I think of it, the more I hear all of this, I kind of think the GOP is just trying to use the Moore allegations — yeah, use them to deflect attention and criticism for their own failures,” Ingraham said.

She insisted that Moore’s future is “dependent on voters in Alabama” while the GOP’s future is “going to depend on their own legislative record. Which, let’s face it, is not too hot.” She then pointed to Congress’s 15 percent approval rating and the GOP’s 29 percent favorability.

“I mean Donald Trump is looking very good in comparison to those numbers,” she joked. “It wasn’t Moore who dropped the ball on Obamacare repeal. And he didn’t take long periods of time off out of session while they had work to do. He didn’t fail to support enforcement of immigration laws. Roy Moore didn’t support those absurd multilateral trade agreements that hurt the American people. He didn’t cause Ron Johnson to come out against tax reform today. And we know this — he didn’t set up a slush fund for congressional miscreants who were involved in sexual behavior. Now that’s immoral!”

Ingraham believes Moore will “certainly hurt the GOP image” in 2018 if he’s elected, but before he becomes the scapegoat, the Republican Party “needs to do some self-reflection.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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