Roy Moore

Roy Moore Suing for $95 Million After Being Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen into Fake Pedophile Detector Scan

MSNBC Guest Defends Roy Moore, Claims Many Women are ‘Victims’ of #MeToo Movement

Mick Mulvaney Reportedly Told Donors Trump Asks Him All the Time Why Roy Moore Lost

Steve Bannon: Roy Moore Would’ve Won If McConnell and Others ‘Hadn’t Turned Against Him’

WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen Uses ‘Pedophile Detection Machine’ on Roy Moore

Roy Moore Says He Was Also Duped By Sacha Baron Cohen: I Will ‘Defend My Honor’

Fox News’ Stirewalt on Blankenship’s WV Senate Chances: If GOP Could Get Behind an Accused Molester…

Lawyer Claims Roy Moore Supporters Offered Him $10,000 To Drop Moore Accuser as Client And Smear Her

Investigation Concludes Kellyanne Conway Violated Hatch Act Twice by Supporting Roy Moore on TV [UPDATED]

Roy Moore Asks for Money for Legal Defense Fund: ‘My Resources Have Been Depleted’

Ivanka Trump Sidesteps When Asked About Her Dad Siding With ‘The Accused Over the Accusers’

CPAC Panelist Calls Out Trump, Roy Moore; Gets Booed for Slamming CPAC’s Le Pen Invite

Officials Investigating Fire That Broke Out at Home of Roy Moore Accuser Tina Johnson

Remember Roy Moore’s Jewish Lawyer? Well, He Voted For His Longtime Friend Doug Jones

CNN Interview With Roy Moore Spox Janet Porter Goes Totally Off the Rails: ‘Are You Having Fun?’

Ana Navarro Ruthlessly Mocks Roy Moore: ‘Sore Loser and Cry Baby’

Doug Jones Upon Certification of Alabama Election Victory: ‘I Will Be an Independent Voice’

Alabama Judge Rejects Roy Moore’s Lawsuit to Stop Doug Jones From Becoming Senator

Roy Moore Spox Makes Staggering Claim: ‘1 in 15 Billion Chance’ There Was Not Election Fraud

Roy Moore Files Lawsuit to Challenge Results of Alabama Senate Race [UPDATE]

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