Bombshell Reports Reveal Why Rep. Trent Franks Announced His Resignation So Abruptly

Joe Walsh Slams Fox News and Republicans For ‘Despicable’ Attacks on Mueller: ‘Bullsh*t’

Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Blasts GOP For Backing ‘Pedophile’ Roy Moore: ‘Get a Grip’

Mediaite‘s Colby Hall: Roy Moore is ‘The Future of the GOP’

Chris Matthews Asks Republicans: You Want to be ‘One of the Grand Old Pedophiles?’

Conservative NYT Columnist Bret Stephens: Roy Moore ‘Makes Anthony Weiner Look Good’

Laura Ingraham: The GOP is Using Roy Moore As a ‘Scapegoat’ From Their Own Failures

Roy Moore Website Now Has Form Where People Can Report on Inappropriate ‘News Contact’

Roy Moore Calls on Mitch McConnell to Step Aside: ‘Drain the Swamp’

CNN’s Kate Bolduan Reminds GOP Rep Calling for Due Process for Roy Moore of Statute of Limitations

Roy Moore’s Brother Compares Him to Jesus Christ Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Mitt Romney on Roy Moore: ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty Is For Criminal Convictions, Not Elections’

Mediaite’s Larry O’Connor on D.C. Dysfunction: ‘Every Senator Thinks They Should be President’

Steve Bannon to Sean Hannity: ‘Mitch McConnell…Should Tender His Resignation’

GOP Rep: ‘My Donors’ Are Telling Me To Get Tax Reform Done Or ‘Don’t Ever’ Call Them Again

NBA Star Steph Curry Delivers Perfect Response After Being Mentioned in GOP Tax Plan

Conservative Media Figures Reportedly Circling Wagons to Fight Trump: ‘The Republican Resistance’

GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch Reportedly Plans to Retire and Romney May Run For His Seat

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Blasts Roy Moore, Condemns ‘White Backlash Grievance’ on the Right

Gingrich Hits Bannon Over His ‘War’ With GOP: When We Fought Nazis, We Didn’t Start By Fighting Britain

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