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RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Says Good Riddance to James Comey: ‘Glad to See Him’ Split From GOP

The RNC Continues ‘Lyin Comey’ Campaign With Book Parody: ‘A Higher Loyalty…To Me, Myself, and I’

George W. Bush Reportedly Basks in Trump Chaos: He ‘Sorta Makes Me Look Pretty Good’

Steve Schmidt Buries Trump’s CPAC Speech in Tweetstorm: ‘Utterly Racist and Profoundly Un-American’

Missouri GOP Releases Statement on Greitens Scandal… Blames George Soros

Longtime Trump Bodyguard Keith Schiller Reportedly Being Paid From GOP ‘Slush Fund’

Despite Parkland Shooting, Kansas GOP Candidate for Congress Still Proceeding With AR-15 Giveaway

New Poll Shows That Less Than 40% of Republicans Hold Favorable View of FBI

Stephen King Says Sorry-Not-Sorry After Tweeting GOP Train Crash Was ‘Karma’

Kimmel Roasts GOP Over Memo: Paul Ryan ‘Ringmaster’ at ‘World’s Most Perverted Circus’

Trump Claims Orrin Hatch Said He’s the Greatest Pres Ever: Better Than ‘Lincoln and Washington’

Former Bernie Sanders Surrogate Thanks ‘God’ After Train Carrying GOP Lawmakers Crashes

Twitter Reacts With Scorn to Gowdy Announcement: ‘Can’t Investigate Benghazi 3,821 More Times’

One Dead After Train Carrying GOP Congress Members Plows Into Truck (UPDATED)

Amanda Carpenter Blasts GOP’s FISA Memo Conspiracy-Mongering: ‘Gaslighting America’

Chuck Todd: GOP Has ‘Gone Off the Rails’ By Supporting Trump’s FBI ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Can We All Agree That Everyone Involved in This Government Shutdown Is a Hypocrite?

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Lawmaker Who Resigned Amid Sex Scandal Still Sexually Harassing Young Men

Marco Rubio on GOP Tax Bill: ‘We Probably Went Too Far on (Helping) Corporations’

Trish Regan And Ben Stein Take a Wrecking Ball to the GOP Tax Bill: ‘Disgraceful’

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