Napolitano: If GOP Rushes Vote, There Will Be ‘Taint’ on Kavanaugh ‘That Will Never Go Away’

Trump Biographer: We’re Seeing the GOP ‘Die Right Before our Eyes and Become the Cult of Trump’

Dem Congressional Candidate Leslie Cockburn Calls Out GOP Opponent for His Love of Bigfoot Erotica

CNN Article Compares Entire Republican Party to Southern Slaveholders

WATCH: Debate Audience Erupts in Laughter After GOP Senate Hopeful Says Trump is ‘Standing up to the Russians’

Conservative Writer Max Boot Calls GOP ‘White-Nationalist Party’, Endorses Democratic ‘Takeover’

Michelle Wolf Blasts RNC Attack Ad: The Left is Not ‘Unhinged,’ But ‘Child Cages’ Should be

Juan Williams: GOP ‘Sold Their Souls’ to Trump to Get Conservative SCOTUS Nominees

GOP’s New ‘Unhinged’ Ad Features Kathy Griffin, Samantha Bee, Fires, Chaos, And Of Course, Maxine Waters

Trump Rants at ‘Unhinged’ Maxine Waters and her ‘Crazy Rants’: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’

Howard Kurtz: GOP ‘Embraces’ Trump’s Support of Kim Jong Un

Google Listed ‘Nazism’ as California Republican Party’s Ideology in Search Results

CNN’s KFILE Uncovers Illinois GOP Candidate’s Crazy, Conspiratorial Views on 9/11 and… Beyoncé

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Says Good Riddance to James Comey: ‘Glad to See Him’ Split From GOP

The RNC Continues ‘Lyin Comey’ Campaign With Book Parody: ‘A Higher Loyalty…To Me, Myself, and I’

George W. Bush Reportedly Basks in Trump Chaos: He ‘Sorta Makes Me Look Pretty Good’

Steve Schmidt Buries Trump’s CPAC Speech in Tweetstorm: ‘Utterly Racist and Profoundly Un-American’

Missouri GOP Releases Statement on Greitens Scandal… Blames George Soros

Longtime Trump Bodyguard Keith Schiller Reportedly Being Paid From GOP ‘Slush Fund’

Despite Parkland Shooting, Kansas GOP Candidate for Congress Still Proceeding With AR-15 Giveaway

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