Maher Calls Out ‘Billionaire Liberals’ Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg Who Don’t Contribute to Campaigns: ‘Cheap F**ks’


On Friday night, Bill Maher had a lot to say about liberal billionaires who haven’t given big bucks to political campaigns.

Maher began by citing that Michael Bloomberg is spending $80 million to “stop Donald Trump,” but that the Koch Brothers are giving $400 million.

“Where are the billionaire liberals?” Maher asked. “Because Sheldon Adelson and that crowd- they give in the tens and hundreds of billions… Here’s our side: Bill Gates is worth $91 billion.  Jeff Bezos, worth $141 billion. [Mark] Zuckerberg, who should feel guilty for helping Russia slide [Donald] Trump into the White House. He’s worth $73 billion.”

He then told the panel that between them all that their contributions in 2016 were “under $1 million.”

“Cheap f**ks!” Maher exclaimed. “I went through this in 2012 when I made that $1 million donation to  [Barack] Obama to let people know that you have to get in- the game is being played on the million dollar level.  It won’t do when you’re worth $141 billion to write a check for only $250,000, you cheap f**k.”

Democratic commentator Neera Tanden predicted that the money in contributions will be worse off because of the GOP tax cuts. However, Michael Smerconish warned that more big money in politics will become “dark money” that’s hidden so that no one knows who’s influencing the candidates and Business Insider’s Josh Barro said he’d rather see Bill Gates spending his money on public health than in political campaigns.

“He could do both!” Maher shouted. “He’s got $90 billon!”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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