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Bill Maher Says #MeToo Is Descending Into #MeCarthyism

Watch Frank Luntz’s Focus Group on Trump Go Totally Off The Rails: ‘This Just Exploded’

John Oliver Plans to Buy Ads During Fox & Friends To ‘Sneak Information’ To Trump

Maher Says Democrats Are ‘Blowing It’ on Terrorism, Islam: ‘Liberals Are Defending Illiberal Tactics’

Mark Halperin’s Co-Author ‘Flabbergasted and Shocked’ by Sexual Misconduct Reports

HBO Drops Project With Mark Halperin Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

John Oliver Blasts Hollywood’s Complicity For Weinstein’s Behavior: ‘What The F**k?’

John Oliver Weighs In On The Harvey Weinstein Sex Scandal: ‘Your Excuse Isn’t An Excuse!’

Bill Maher Slams Democrats For Over-Regulating: ‘People Want to Drain The Swamp, Not Ban Big Gulps’

John Oliver Celebrates Trump’s Impeachment Prematurely After Catching Him in a Lie: ‘We Got Him!’

John Oliver: It’s Ironic That Trump Is Against DREAMers Because He’s ‘Clearly Out of His F**king Mind!’

S.E. Cupp Accuses Maher of Emboldening ‘Blowhards Like Rush Limbaugh’ in Clash Over Climate Change

Last Week Tonight‘s Twitter Account Appears To Have Been Hacked

Bill Maher Blasts Democrats for Soft Russia Probe Rhetoric: ‘Don Jr.’s a Traitor Already!’

Fareed Zakaria: If Trump Gets North Korea to Denuclearize, ‘I Would Give Him the Nobel Prize’

John Oliver Ridicules Alex Jones Over His InfoWars Products: ‘QVC For Conspiracy’

Scaramucci Serving as Executive Producer on Film About Paterno While in White House

Chechen President, When Confronted About Executions of Gay People, Says ‘We Don’t Have Any Gays’

President Trump Read About the Electoral College for HBO’s The Words That Built America

John Oliver Slams Tucker Carlson: ‘A Successful Nation Can Produce Some Truly Failed Human Beings’

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