Meghan McCain Interrogates GA Gov. Candidate Stacy Abrams on Gun Control: ‘You Want to Ban it’


Co-host of The View Meghan McCain got into it with Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams over the issue of gun control.

“You have been endorsed by Everytown [for Gun Safety], which is an anti-gun organization, Michael Bloomberg‘s anti-gun group as well,” McCain explained as the cast of The View interviewed the candidate just a few days before her election. “You say you’re proud to have an ‘F’ rating from the NRA. Michael Bloomberg and others like him, in the wake of what happened at Pittsburgh, support taking away the AR-15, which is the most popular rifle in America, away from people.”

“Do you, like Everytown, support banning the AR-15?” McCain asked.

“Let’s be clear, I’m not anti-gun. My great-grand mother taught me how to shoot when I was growing up in Mississippi. I like trap shooting, I like target shooting. I don’t hunt because I mostly eat chicken and that just seems mean,” Abrams replied. “However, I know that the most responsible gun owners understand that they have the responsibility for the firearms, and making sure that only responsible people have those firearms.”

She went on to say that she believes in background checks, three-day waiting periods, and rules barring domestic abusers and stalkers from obtaining firearms.

Abrams then discussed her own experience with the AR-15:

“I do not believe that weapons of mass destruction like the AR-15 belong in civilian hands. I think it’s for government use. I have shot an AR-15, and I think you probably have too, and while it’s an amazing amount of power, it also is an amazing amount of destruction, and there is very little that can be done to protect vulnerable communities when the AR-15 is present.”

McCain bitterly responded by saying, “I do appreciate your honesty, and I assume by banning it, you would be rounding them up? It’s the most popular gun in America.”

“It is possible to believe in responsible gun ownership and to believe that there should be regulations on that,” Abrams said. “Antonin Scalia said that, and we have to believe as a nation, that when our communities are vulnerable, when you can’t go into a synagogue or a church or a school without fear for your life, there is something wrong with our system of gun ownership.”

“I appreciate your honesty, saying that you want to ban it,” McCain shot back, repeating herself.

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