comScore Megyn Kelly Opens Up to Charlie Rose: Fox ‘Didn’t Want a War’ with Trump

Megyn Kelly Opens Up to Charlie Rose: Fox ‘Didn’t Want a War’ with Trump

In the months since her feud with Donald Trump began during the first GOP debate, Megyn Kelly has been extremely hesitant to reveal too much about what happened behind the scenes at Fox News, even saying in an interview last week that she was done talking about it. But now, during a new interview with Charlie Rose, Kelly has opened up about what turned into an all-out war between her employer and the Republican presidential frontrunner.

Speaking for herself and Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, Kelly told Rose, “Neither one of us wanted any sort of a war with Donald Trump. We didn’t think that benefitted the channel, we didn’t think it benefitted me, and we don’t think it benefitted Donald Trump,” adding that she believes Trump would agree.

Kelly said they just wanted to “forge forward and put it behind us and not pour anymore fuel on that fire.” But all that being said, Kelly said she looks forward to having Trump on her show again in the future. “I’m sure he’ll come back on eventually,” she said. “Don’t you think that’ll be a big television moment?”

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In the same interview, Kelly attempted to demystify Roger Ailes, who she calls a “mentor” and a “friend.” She said she knows that people view Ailes as “this Republican operative and he’s back there giving the anchors GOP talking points” — “He’s not?” Rose asked — but in her experience, “that’s all B.S.”

“Never once in my 11 years there has he told me how to cover a story or what to ask or tried to get me to change coverage of a story,” Kelly insisted.

Asked by Rose if she could ever see herself walking into Ailes office and telling him she had accepted a job at another network, Kelly said, “That would be a tough conversation to have.” She didn’t rule out the possibility of taking on a new opportunity, but she added, “I really care about Fox and I really care about Roger and he’s been nothing but good to me.”

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