MSNBC Analyst Answers Trump’s Tweet Question: What Lawyer Tapes a Client? One Who Doesn’t Trust That Client


Former Robert Mueller aide and MSNBC law enforcement analyst Chuck Rosenberg answered the question President Donald Trump asked this morning regarding his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen: “What kind of lawyer would tape his client? Presumably a lawyer that doesn’t trust his client.”

“Now, it’s unusual,” Rosenberg added while on Morning Joe today. “I’ve not heard of it. I’ve never done it. I don’t recommend it. Seems to me that’s the kind of lawyer that might tape his client.”

The analyst continued: “Not a best practice, but if you’re dealing with somebody you can’t trust, John, you know, maybe it is.”

Trump asked the question on Twitter this morning in response to Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis appearing on CNN last night and releasing a tape in which the now-president can be heard saying “pay with cash,” which was presumably in reference to hush money they wanted to give to a woman claiming she had an affair with then-candidate.

As for the relevancy of the tape in a legal sense, Rosenberg said it is not enough in itself to be “incriminatory”:

“It’s interesting as a prosecutor. And I was one for a long time. I think it’s relevant. I don’t think incriminatory, really… This is something that — you know, you don’t just go into a courtroom and hit play. You need a witness to authenticate the tape, to explain that you know that’s my voice, Willy, that’s your voice. I made the tape on such and such day and in such and such way and it’s not edited, it’s not missing anything. Why is there a cut at the end? Well, I can explain that. The equipment failed or the conversation stopped or somebody else walked into the room. So, you need context.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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