Michael Cohen

Senate Intel Chair Tees Off on Cohen for Testimony Delay: ‘Any Goodwill’ Is Gone

Fox News Freaks Out Over Proposed Removal of ‘So Help You God’ From House Committee Oath

Michael Cohen Set to Testify Before House Intel Committee in Closed Hearing

Cohen Advisor Lanny Davis Says Giuliani is ‘Mentally Unstable’: You Can See it ‘In His Face’

Michael Cohen Receives Subpoena from Senate Intel Committee to Testify Next Month

Lanny Davis Accuses Rudy Giuliani of Witness Tampering Former Client Michael Cohen

Ari Melber Assembles Corsi, Nunberg, Carter Page, and Michael Caputo for One Bizarre Russia Probe Panel

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Trump and Giuliani Were ‘Trying to Intimidate’ Cohen… And They ‘Succeeded’

Stormy Daniels Tweets Message to Michael Cohen for Postponing Testimony: ‘I’ll Loan You Some of My Balls’

President Trump: Michael Cohen Has ‘Only Been Threatened By the Truth’

Katy Tur: Michael Cohen ‘Feels Like His Family is Being Put in Jeopardy’ by Trump

BREAKING: Michael Cohen Postpones House Testimony, Citing ‘Threats’ from Trump and Giuliani

Michael Cohen Reportedly Threatened CNBC After His Attempt to Rig Poll in Trump’s Favor Failed

Buzzfeed Stands By ‘All Of’ Cohen Bombshell: ‘Our Reporting Will Be Borne Out’

7 Craziest Moments from Jake Tapper’s Wild Interview With Rudy Giuliani

Indignant Giuliani Rages at ‘Scandalous’ Buzzfeed ‘Fake News’: Should Be ‘Sued’ and ‘Under Investigation’

Giuliani Defends Trump Attack By Smearing Cohen’s Father-in-Law, Suggests Ties to Organized Crime

SNL’s Weekend Update Skewers BuzzFeed as ‘Fake News’: Stick to Your ‘Memes and Lists’

WATCH: Maddow Lays Out What Mueller’s Response to BuzzFeed Could Mean For Russia Investigation

If BuzzFeed’s ‘Bombshell’ Is ‘Not Accurate’, Then Why Did Cohen Lie to Congress about a Trump Tower in Moscow?

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