Michael Cohen

Senate Intel Committee Invites Michael Cohen to Testify Publicly After Canceling Interview

Senate Committee Cancels Michael Cohen Interview: Violated Request to ‘Refrain from Public Comment’

Trump Lawyer Contacted Kremlin in 2016 for Help With Moscow Real Estate Deal

Trump Lawyer Tweets Images With Black Friends To Prove He’s Not Racist

Russia Probe is Apparently So Bad Trump’s Lawyer Is Hiring A Lawyer

House Intel Committee Issues Multiple Subpoenas on Russia Probe, Unmasking

The Russia Investigation Has Now Expanded to Michael Cohen

‘Save Your Dumb Thug Routine’: Scarborough and Trump’s Attorney Are Having a Twitter War Right Now

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen: Snoop Dogg ‘Owes the President an Apology’ for Mock-Shooting in Video

Trump Lawyer Gives Two Contradicting Stories When Asked If He Delivered Secret Russia Doc

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Goes After CNN on Twitter, Tapper and Cuomo Defend Network

REPORT: Intelligence Community Believes It Was a Different Michael Cohen Who Visited Prague

Trump Adviser Says Trump Needs To Concede If He Loses ‘To Bring America Back Together’

Maher: If You Hate the Establishment Now, Wait Until Trump’s Insane Surrogates Take Over

Get to Know CNN’s Brianna Keilar, the Anchor Behind Some of the Election’s Biggest Moments

Here’s Why Clinton Foundation Must Restrict Donations if Hillary Is Elected

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Torpedoes Yet Another Donald Trump Adviser

Katrina Pierson Blames Technical Malfunction for Trump Lawyer’s Stunned Silence on Polls

CNN Host Dumbfounds Trump Lawyer by Mentioning ‘All the Polls’ Showing Him Losing

Trump’s Lawyer Slams ‘Liberal Disgusting Media’ For Painting ‘Colorblind’ Trump as Racist

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