‘Oh My…This Is Stupid’: Watch Thrill Seekers Bike Behind Live CNN Hurricane Shot


So earlier today we showed video of a guy in Key West getting absolutely decimated by a wave as he tried to snap pics at the Southernmost Point Buoy as Hurricane Irma approached the island.

That actually occurred yesterday, nearly a day before the eye of the hurricane actually hit Key West. This afternoon, as the Category 4 storm slowly marched its way through Florida, a CNN reporter couldn’t believe her eyes as she filed a live dispatch from Miami Beach.

With wind gusts already approaching 100 miles per hour and worse conditions expected in the ensuing hours, correspondent Kyung Lah was holding on to a railing and reporting from a Miami Beach street when she suddenly stopped because she noticed two guys casually bicycling by her.

“Oh my goodness, so this is incredibly — and I’m just going to call it — this is stupid,” she exclaimed. “These two guys going out in the rain and in these storms.”

The CNN reporter continued, “First of all, I don’t know how they’re staying up on two wheels. Do not do that. They may be joy seekers, but that is absolutely unsafe. The Miami Beach police and fire have said if those two guys get injured, they will absolutely not be able to help them out.”

As she went back to reporting on the conditions and flooding in the city, she added, “Do not ride your bicycle out here.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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