Peggy Noonan Claims Republicans Privately Thanked Her For Slamming The Romney Campaign

Noonan Claims Republicans Privately Thanked Her For Slamming Romney

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan made as much news last week as either of the presidential candidates when she came out and advocated for an intervention to save GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney from himself. After calling the Romney camp a “rolling calamity,” Noonan was admonished by both Republican operatives and conservative commentators. However, on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday, Noonan claims that she privately received thanks from anxious conservatives who felt the Romney campaign needed some tough talk.

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Bob Schieffer asked Noonan if she had received any blowback from conservatives for her candid and unflattering assessment of the state of the Romney campaign.

“Of course not,” Noonan said coyly to the laughs of her fellow panelists.

“There was a lot of formal, official and public blowback from the Romney campaign, Romney surrogates, et cetera,” said Noonan. “What was interesting to me was that privately the constant communication I got was, ‘Thank you for saying that.’”

“They need help at the Romney campaign,” Noonan continued. “They need to be woken up. They need to raise their game.”

She said that the race is close and Romney can win, but he needs to have a bigger, less cautious, more strategic campaign.

Watch the segment below via CBS:

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