Sam Bee Dives into Jerry Falwell and Wife’s ‘Sexy Photos’ Scandal: ‘Did Someone F*ck the Pool Guy?’


TBS late night host Samantha Bee took a dive into a recent New York Times investigation on top evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr., his personal and financial ties to a young pool boy in Florida, and the “sexy photos” of his wife that former Trump fixer Michael Cohen made go away.

Bee began the segment by questioning why Falwell, who is the president of Liberty University, America’s largest evangelical college, would endorse Trump over Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the 2016 election, given that the GOP lawmaker is a Baptist and is much more outspoken about his Christianity than the current president.

“It was weird that Falwell endorsed Trump, since Cruz was a much better fit for evangelical values,” Bee questioned. “Then, just a couple of months ago, a front-page New York Times story explored the endorsement and possible links between Falwell, a so-called ‘pool boy,’ a comedian, and Michael Cohen.”

The former pool attendant in question is Giancarlo Granda, a man in his early 20s who the Falwells met in 2012 at Miami’s Fontainebleau hotel in Florida — an establishment known for its partially nude pool scene. Just months after meeting the pool boy, Falwell helped Granda purchase a “gay-friendly” hostel in South Beach, Florida worth $4.7 million; Falwell invested $1.8 million of his own money into the estate, which made him the property’s part-owner.

To try to make sense of this, Bee pointed out a hole in the Times reporting: “They left the most important question unanswered: Did someone fuck the pool guy?”

Bee had more questions about the financial aspects of the Falwells’ suspicious relationship with Granda, as she noted that the Liberty University president has “a longstanding anti-LGBTQ history,” so why would he “put up $1.8 million to invest in a gay-friendly hostel with a man he only recently met?”

She also questioned why President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen suddenly decided to help the evangelical leader and his wife Rebecca Falwell, 52, with concerns about her nude photos being leaked.

“Did Cohen want to bury these sexy photos out of the goodness of his heart? Or was it, perhaps, in exchange for a certain presidential endorsement?” Bee wondered aloud.

The Full Frontal host went on to stage a fake phone call with “TBS legal” on just how much she is allowed to speculate on the Falwell’s shady history with the “charismatic young pool fellow” and if Cohen took care of their nude photo problem to help elect Trump:

“Hello, TBS legal? Oh, I’m not allowed to say that the photos and the endorsement seem suspiciously coincidental? Oh, but I am allowed to stare at the audience for two whole seconds and let them draw their own conclusions?”

Watch above, via TBS.

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