Scarborough: Everyone, ‘Even Donald Trump Supporters’, Know Putin Has Something On Him

On Morning Joe on Tuesday, host Joe Scarborough stated emphatically, twice, that there is simply no question that Vladimir Putin has “something” he’s holding over Donald Trump, and is using to “blackmail” the President.

“We all know that Vladimir Putin is holding something over Donald Trump,” he said. “We do not know what it is, but we know it must be something extraordinary because no rational politician, no rational president would act this way if he weren’t being blackmailed on some level.”

NBC’s Willie Geist replied by also citing the same thing that was alluded to on Fox & Friends, which is that Trump’s ego won’t allow him to admit there was tampering with the election if he believes it will tarnish his victory, but Scarborough went back to his point.

“Even before the election he was like a scared child, afraid to criticize Vladimir Putin,” said Scarborough.

Geist went back again to the point of ego but Scarborough was not having it.

“Well you know, Willie the thing is,” he said. “I know that even Donald Trump supporters know by this point that Vladimir Putin has something over Trump. I know they know that.”

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