Federal Judge Dismisses DNC Lawsuit Against Russia, Wikileaks, and Trump Campaign

Donald Trump

A federal judge in the Southern District of New York has dismissed the lawsuit brought by the Democratic National Committee that alleged the country of Russia, in coordination with Wikileaks and the 2016 Trump campaign, conspired to hack its emails and publish them.

According to an Axios report, the judge — who was appointed by President Bill Clinton — threw out the case because the primary named defendant, the Russia Federation, cannot be sued in a US court of law for actions taken by its government. Also, the ruling said “second-order participants” like Roger Stone and Julian Assange cannot be held liable for disseminating the DNC’s private communications because of the First Amendment.

President Donald Trump was quick to Tweet out the lawsuit’s dismissal and cite it as vindication.

 However, the judge’s order explicitly refused the Trump campaign’s lawyers request to sanction the DNC for bringing the suit and the judge specifically did not consider the Mueller report, which cited numerous examples of indirect coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian influencers, in its findings.

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